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Reviews by Tate Zemanovic: NeverShoutNever!

NeverShoutNever!'s "The Yippee" EP, released on July 26th, 2008 shows off 17-year-old lead singer Christofer Drew's truly powerful voice, and wonderful talent for songwriting.

The four song EP begins with "heregoesnothin," the fastest-paced song on the EP, with a refreshing acoustic rhythm with memorable lyrics. Following "heregoesnothin" is "bigcitydreams," a slower acoustic tempo featuring hands clapping and snapping throughout. After "bigcitydreams" is "smelyalata," also a slower acoustic melody. Though "smelyalata" changes directions to a faster, upbeat tempo, keeping listeners on their toes. Closing "The Yippee" is "dare4distance," also a slower melodic acoustic piece.

The overall vibe of the EP was very sweet and thoughtful, with lyrics about everything from growing up to relationships. Melodic acoustic anthems and catchy lyrics make me give this outstanding EP. Five stars.