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Foreclosure: Sunrise Ponds





(Minnesota Statutes Section 582.32)

Effective Date of Voluntary Foreclosure Agreement:  October 15, 2008

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that default has occurred in the conditions of that certain Mortgage from Sunrise Ponds, LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company, as Mortgagor, to Premier Bank Minnesota, a Minnesota corporation, as Mortgagee, dated May 2, 2006, and filed for record May 4, 2006, as Document No. 2425772 in the Office of the Dakota County Recorder, in the original principal amount of Four Million Two Hundred Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($4,200,000.00).

That all pre-foreclosure notice requirements have been complied with; that no action or proceeding has been instituted at law or otherwise to recover the debt secured by said mortgage, or any part thereof; that there is due and claimed to be due upon said mortgage as of February 9, 2009, the sum of Four Million Seventeen Thousand Nine Hundred Six and 93/100 Dollars ($4,017,906.93), and that pursuant to the power of sale therein contained, said mortgage will be foreclosed and the tract of land and fixtures and personal property secured by said mortgage lying and being in the County of Dakota, State of Minnesota, described as follows, to-wit:

Lots 1-6, Block 1; Lots 2-9, Block 2; Lots 4-16, Block 3; Lots 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, Block 4; Lots 2-7, Block 5; Outlots A, B, C, D, E, F, G, all in Sunrise Ponds LLC

The physical street addresses are as follows:

3093-211th Street West; 3092-211th Street West; 3089-211th Street West; 3086-211th Street West; 3081-211th Street West; 3080-211th Street West; 3074-211th Street West; 3073-211th Street West; 3068-211th Street West; 3066-211th Street West; 3062-211th Street West; 3059-211th Street West; 3056-211th Street West; 3050-211th Street West; 3051-212th Street West; 3053-212th Street West; 3055-212th Street West; 3057-212th Street West; 3063-212th Street West; 3067-212th Street West; 3071-212th Street West; 3075-212th Street West; 3079-212th Street West; 3083-212th Street West; 3087-212th Street West; 3091-212th Street West; 3095-212th Street West; 3006-212th Street West; 3012-212th Street West; 3024-212th Street West; 3042-212th Street West; 3048-212th Street West; 3054-212th Street West; 3060-212th Street West; 3066-212th Street West; 3072-212th Street West; 3084-212th Street West; 3094-212th Street West; 21175 Cameron Way; 21155 Cameron Way; 21135 Cameron Way; 21115 Cameron Way; 21085 Cameron Way and 21045 Cameron Way

The tax parcel identification numbers are as follows:

14-73250-010-01; 14-73250-020-01; 14-73250-030-01; 14-73250-040-01; 14-73250-050-01; 14-73250-060-01; 14-73250-020-02; 14-73250-030-02; 14-73250-040-02; 14-73250-050-02; 14-73250-060-02; 14-73250-070-02; 14-73250-080-02; 14-73250-090-02; 14-73250-040-03; 14-73250-050-03; 14-73250-060-03; 14-73250-07-03; 14-73250-080-03; 14-73250-090-03; 14-73250-100-03; 14-73250-110-03; 14-73250-120-03; 14-73250-130-03; 14-73250-140-03; 14-73250-150-03; 14-73250-160-03; 14-73250-020-04; 14-73250-030-04; 14-73250-050-04; 14-73250-080-04; 14-73250-090-04; 14-73250-100-04; 14-73250-110-04; 14-73250-120-04; 14-73250-130-04; 14-73250-150-04; 14-73250-170-04; 14-73250-020-05; 14-73250-030-05; 14-73250-040-05; 14-73250-050-05; 14-73250-060-05 and 14-73250-070-05

will be sold by the Sheriff of Dakota County at public auction on the 25th day of March, 2009, at 10:00 o'clock a.m. in the Sheriff's Office, Law Enforcement Center, 1580 Highway 55, Lobby S-100, Hastings, MN, 55033, in said state and county, to pay the debt then secured by said mortgage and taxes, if any, on said premises and the costs and disbursements, including attorney's fees allowed by law, subject to redemption within TWO (2) MONTHS from said date of sale by the mortgagor, its successors or assigns.  Each holder of a junior lien may redeem in the order and manner provided in Minnesota Statutes Section 582.32, subd. 9, beginning after the expiration of the mortgagor's two month redemption period.

Dated: February 13, 2009

Premier Bank Minnesota




/s/ Brian F. Leonard

Brian F. Leonard, #62236

Attorneys for Mortgagee

100 South Fifth Street, Suite 2500

Minneapolis, MN 55402

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