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Music reviews by Tate Zemanovic: All Time Low

Rosemount Middle School student Tate Zemanovic.

"So Wrong It's Right"

All Time Low's latest release, "So Wrong It's Right," produced by Matt Squire, debuted Sept. 25, 2007, selling 14,200 copies in its first week.

The first single off the CD, "Six Feet Under The Stars" exhibits the strong pop-punk sound ATL work towards with an energetic electric guitar melody. Their second single, "Dear Maria Count Me In," is a solid upbeat pop-punk anthem with lively lyrics that stick in your head. Also on the album is a slower acoustic ballad, "Remembering Sunday," featuring Juliet Simms, from Automatic Love Letter. Following "Remembering Sunday" are "Vegas," "Stay Awake Dreams Only Last For The Night" and "Come One Come All," picking the pace of the CD back up. Ending The album is their third single, "Poppin Champagne," an exhilarating and exciting finish to this fantastic CD.

"So Wrong Its Right" shows ATL's growth as a band since their first album "The Party Scene."

"Were still doing just what we set out to do, which was to have fun and celebrate this style of music that we all grew up listening to," lead singer Alex Gaskarth says. "But at the same time, we're growing up as a band, and it feels like we've finally found ourselves with this album."