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Felony burglary charges filed against man suspected of taking cash from St. Joseph's school

Christopher Iverson.

The Dakota County Attorney's office has filed felony burglary charges against a 37-year-old South St. Paul man suspected of taking cash from St. Joseph's School and two business along Highway 3 last week.

Police believe Christopher Iverson took about $500 in cash from the school as well as $15,000 from Cooper's Restaurant in Eagan and about $1,000 from the Trestle Stop gas station.

Eagan police were investigating the break-in at Cooper's Feb. 6 when they learned of the Trestle Stop and St. Joseph's burglaries.

According to court documents someone attempted to break through the wall at Cooper's before giving up and throwing a cinder block through a glass door. The individual cut the wires to the alarm system and destroyed the surveillance VCR and took the tape. Police found blood and shoe prints at the restaurant.

There was no sign of forced entry at the Trestle Stop. Police believe Iverson went into the store's bathroom the previous night and unlocked a door that led to the outside. A man later identified as Iverson was caught on a surveillance video that night.

There was also surveillance video of the break in at the Trestle Stop. The suspect took $1,000 cash and a lottery computer, which he appeared to believe was the device that controlled the security cameras.

Two individuals identified Iverson from the surveillance video.

South St. Paul police stopped Iverson and a woman on Feb. 6. The woman had $6,000 in her purse, which she said she'd won at a casion. When police searched the woman's home Feb. 9 they found $2,000 cash in a heating pad and $800 cash stashed in a sock. Police also found three pairs of shoes with a pattern similar to the footprint found at Cooper's.

The woman later told police Iverson, who was staying at her home, had given her the $6,000 cash during the traffic stop because he didn't want to be found carrying it. She said someone had picked Iverson up the evening of Feb. 5 and that he hadn't returned until early on the morning of Feb. 6.

Iverson refused to talk to police about the burglaries.

Iverson currently faces two third degree burglary charges. Each carries a potential sentence of up to five years and fines of up to $10,000.