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Dakota County Board of Commissioners, Jan. 6, 2009

Summary of Proceedings

Dakota County Board of Commissioners

January 6, 2009

The Dakota County Board of Commissioners met at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 6, 2009, in the Boardroom, Administration Center, Hastings, Minnesota. All County Board members were present. The minutes of the County Board meeting, held December 16, 2008, were approved as presented and entered in Commissioners' Record MM.


The Dakota County Sheriff's Honor Guard presented the colors for the Pledge of Allegiance. Honor Guard members were: Captain Steve Theriault, Detective Rebecca Sherman, Deputy Michael Fendrick, and Deputy Tom Hooper.

Commissioner Kathleen A. Gaylord was elected County Board chair and Commissioner Thomas A. Egan was elected County Board vice chair for 2009.

The following revisions were made to the agenda: Added Item 8.5 - Accept Resignation From Public Art Citizen Advisory Committee and Item 8.6 - Amendment Of 2009 Unclassified Employees Merit Compensation Plan And Policy.


Operations Management:

Authorized execution of a contract with Wold Architects and Engineers for the Burnhaven Library Needs Assessment and Remodeling project.

Received a presentation from the Operations Management Director on the Authorization to Purchase Fleet Vehicles and Equipment. Authorized purchasing the requested fleet vehicles and equipment.



Authorized execution of a contract amendment with WSB & Associates, Inc., for additional design and engineering services for the Mississippi River Regional Trail (MRRT) northern and eastern segments.


Approved acquisition and authorized initiation of "Quick Take" Condemnation of right of way for County Project 56-07 in Inver Grove Heights and South St. Paul.

Supported inclusion of Cedar Avenue Transitway in the 2009 Federal Legislative Platform, when it's adopted in February 2009.



Authorized execution of a contract with Scott County for inmate boarding services for both male and female inmates.

Authorized execution of an agreement with the Cities of Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, Hastings, Inver Grove Heights, Lakeville, Mendota Heights, Rosemount, South St. Paul, and West St. Paul to continue the mutual police assistance agreement for traffic enforcement safety projects within Dakota County.

Authorized renewal of the grant with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety through the Office of Justice Programs for a full-time deputy assigned to the Metro Gang Strike Force.


Property Taxation And Records:

Approved applications from the City of South St. Paul for the conveyance of tax-forfeited land located in South St. Paul.

Approved the following plat, having been approved by the respective City Council, and submitted it to the Property Taxation and Records Department for recording: Apple Valley East Family Addition, Apple Valley.


County Administration:

Designated certain Dakota County positions as local officials in 2009, as defined in Minn. Stat. § 10A.01, subd. 22, for the purpose of reporting to the Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board.

County Board:

Appointed the following individuals to the Radio Technical Operations Committee of the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board for 2009: Ron Jansen, Dakota County Radio Services (Representative) and Captain Jeff Schwartz, Dakota County Sheriff's Office (Alternate). Appointed the following individuals to the 911 Technical Operations Committee of the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board for 2009: Sandy Slategraff, Dakota Communications Center (DCC) (Representative 1) and Diane Lind, Operations Manager, DCC (Representative 2); and Tara Shoemaker, DCC (Alternate 1) and Cheryl Pritzlaff, DCC (Alternate 2).

Adopted its 2009 Operating Rules and Guidelines.

Designated certain County officials as official voting delegates to represent Dakota County at the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) Annual Conference and during the year 2009.

Accepted the resignation received from Michael Supina, District 4 representative on the Public Art Citizen Advisory Committee, and authorized staff to begin the process to fill this vacancy.

Ratified the County Board Chair's recommendation and appointed the following County Board members to serve as chairs for the Committees of the Whole for 2009: Commissioner Thomas A. Egan for Administration/Finance/Policy Committee of the Whole, Commissioner Nancy Schouweiler for Community Services Committee of the Whole, and Commissioner Paul J. Krause for Physical Development Committee of the Whole. Endorsed the County Board Chair's recommendation of Commissioner Willis E. Branning as Chair of the Dakota County Regional Railroad Authority for 2009 and referred the appointment to the Dakota County Regional Railroad Authority.

Appointed commissioners to serve on various positions on interagency boards, in-county boards, and as liaison commissioners for 2009. Recommended the following appointments: President of AMC, Commissioner Gaylord as alternate to the AMC Legislative Steering Committee and University of Minnesota, Commissioner Branning and Commissioner Harris to the UMore Park Advisory Council.

Appointed the following individuals to the following Dakota County Advisory committees: 1) Community Corrections Advisory Board: Allen Koss, Laura Zanmiller, William Cottrell, Sandy Hamel, John Wallace, Gayle Rieland, David Brueshoff, Russell Hatten, DeeDee Currier, Denise Stewart, Christina Austin, Dan Scheuermann, Gary Kalstabakken, Phil Prokopowicz, and Steve Holmgren; 2) Community Development Agency Board: Ronald Clare and Robert Alpers; 3) Extension Committee: Ed Barrett , John Gerten, and Lloyd Moosbrugger; 4) Farmland and Natural Areas Program Advisory Committee: Ray Davis, Duane Hansen, and Mike Hughes; 5) Library Board: Paul Larsen and Richard Duling; 6) Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee: Leo Schumacher, Alan Ruvelson, Jr., Elizabeth Witt, Susan Schaumann, John Melssen, Jack Evans, and John Gamlin; 7) Planning Commission: John Dudley, John Ross, Carol Isberg, Michael Supina, Doug Daniel, Nate Rietz, Anthony Nelson, Beverly Topp, Steven Chavez, and Donald Hoeft; 8) Public Art Citizen Advisory Committee: James Overocker, Leonard Nachman, and Betty McNeill; 9) Zoning Board of Adjustment: Beverly Topp, John Berendt, Sally Kettle, and

directed staff to forward the name of the Planning Commission chair for 2009, when selected, to the County Board; 10) Special Board of Appeal and Equalization: Ken Slipka (Chair), Sally Lorberbaum, and Jill Lewis; and 11) Scott-Carver-Dakota CAP Agency Board: Ruth Krueger, Employment & Economic Assistance Director, as a Dakota County public official representative.

Recommended Commissioner Willis E. Branning for appointment to the Minnesota Zoological Board and requested the resolution be forwarded to Governor Tim Pawlenty and Lee Ehmke, Director of the Minnesota Zoological Garden.

Employee Relations:

Amended its Plan and Notice to provide that a county commissioner, by timely filing a Notice, may decline to receive the 2009 salary and receive the 2007 in lieu thereof, effective December 16, 2008.

Financial Services:

Received a presentation from the Financial Services Director on an Update on Governor's Unallotment of State County Program Aid Payment and responded to questions from the commissioners regarding Maintenance of Effort (MOE) and other mandates to counties from the State of Minnesota.

The County Board meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

The next regular Dakota County Board meeting will be held January 20, 2009, at 9:00 a.m.

The full text of the official proceedings of the Dakota County Board of Commissioners is available for public inspection at County Administration, Administration Center, 1590 West Highway 55, Hastings, Minnesota.