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ISD 196 begins process of finding a new superintendent

The District 196 school board has taken its first steps to finding a replacement for outgoing school superintendent John Currie.

On Monday, the board met with Sandy Gundlach of the Minnesota School Boards Association and started laying the foundations for the process of hiring a new superintendent.

Gundlach provided the board with materials and information on the search process which the MSBA offers to school boards during such a procedure. The first step outlined was the decision on hiring a consultant to assist with the process or if district staff will conduct the search.

The District 196 board selected three consulting firms from a provided list, and will seek proposals from Kenneth LaCroix, School Exec Connect, and Springsted Inc. prior to Feb. 9.

Following the regular school board meeting on Feb. 9, the board will hear proposals from the three consultants. The board will then have the option of taking action, or deciding the next step.

Currie, who announced his retirement last month, will be stepping down from his duties on June 30.