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Teen sentenced for role in murder

Hiding the knife his brother used to kill a classmate has earned Zachary Butler-Martinez a 180-day stayed sentence and 10 years of probation.

Dakota County judge Richard Spicer sentenced Butler-Martinez, who was 18 at the time of the offense, on Dec. 29. He also ordered Butler-Martinez to stay away from the family of Cody Casey and to write a letter of apology.

Butler-Martinez was at his Rosemount home last March when the 17-year-old Casey came to the door. Butler-Martinez and younger brother Dakota Butler asked Casey several times to leave, but Casey, reportedly looking for another Butler brother for a dispute over a girl, refused. Casey had brought with him a sock filled with rocks.

The confrontation ended with Butler stabbing Casey several times with a kitchen knife. Casey died a short time later.

Butler-Martinez at first told police he didn't know where the knife was but later admitted he'd dumped it in a nearby sewer because he was afraid his brother would get in trouble.