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Meet your new council member: Jeff Weisensel

This week the Rosemount Town Pages is introducing residents to Jeff Weisensel, one of the two new members of the city council that will take office in January. Last week the Town Pages talked with fellow newcomer Kurt Bills. If you missed that story check it out online at

Weisensel was elected to the city council Nov. 4. He finished second among the 25 candidates who ran for the office. With so many candidates it was difficult to get to know them individually so the Town Pages decided to introduce the new council members to the community.

Weisensel has lived in Rosemount for 14 years. He moved to town with his wife and three daughters while working for Turner Construction Company, the largest building contractor in the United States. Weisensel has been married to Kathy for 26 years. Both are originally from Wisconsin, but they met during the 1977 National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago. The two have three daughters: Ashley, 22, Kelsey, 20 and Lindsey, 16. All three girls attended Shannon Park Elementary School, Rosemount Middle School and Rosemount High School.

Since moving to Rosemount Weisensel has worked with several general contractors including Turner and Weis Builders. He currently works as a senior project manager in property development for Target Corporation.

Weisensel has a degree in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. In 2007 he completed his master's at Platteville through the school's online distance learning program.

Since moving to Rosemount Weisensel has gotten involved with a number of community activities and organizations. Weisensel said many of the things he and his wife have participated in relate to things their three daughters have been involved with, such as 4-H, Girl Scouts and sports.

His community work and leadership background helped initiate his decision to run for city council. In addition, Weisensel said friends and neighbors urged him to do it.

"I thought the upcoming years I could devote the necessary time needed to perform those duties and threw my hat into the ring," Weisensel said.

While he has no formal political experience, Weisensel said he believes his experience in the construction industry has prepared him for the task.

"I find my years in the construction industry and project management well suited toward listening, negotiating and making decisions," said Weisensel.

In addition, Weisensel said the time he spent on the planning commission provided him the background in growth and community development that he will need.

Weisensel has already started preparing for the next four years as a city council member. He has attended council work sessions and even provided some input on items. In addition, he met with city administrator Dwight Johnson to learn the "nuts and bolts of being on the city council."

While he doesn't have any specific goals for the next four years Weisensel said he wants to see efforts focused on increasing the city's business tax base, lowering the residential tax rate and creating a long range plan and funding mechanism for infrastructure maintenance and replacement.

"As a steward of the community's public funds, I want to ensure we provide the necessary level of service to meet the expectations of the taxpayers," said Weisensel.