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Council will wait to replace Baxter

The early departure of Rosemount City Council member Mike Baxter to take a judgeship in Le Sueur County leaves the rest of the council in a strange position. With only two regular meetings before the new year, when two new council members will be sworn in, the four remaining members of the council had to decide what to do with the vacancy.

Usually the council would take applications and appoint someone to the position, but there's just not enough time to do so.

Although Baxter's announcement was announced in October, he did not officially resign until the Nov. 5 city council meeting.

The remaining four council members discussed the situation during a work session Nov. 12. While no formal decision was made, the four indicated they will leave the seat open for the month and a half left of 2008.

Barring any unseen events, the council's schedule doesn't appear to have any hot button issues that would need more than four council members. The only item that could cause issue is the approval of the budget in late December.

The city will hold a Truth In Taxation meeting Dec. 1. Depending on the outcome of that meeting council will likely approve the final budget at its Dec. 16 meeting. In the past few people have attended the Truth In Taxation meetings and the council has passed the budgets without issue.

In the event the council could not come to majority decision, it could get an extension until January, when it will have five voting members.

The new year will ring in with two new faces on the city council. Kurt Bills and Jeff Weisensel will take over for departing council members Baxter and Phillip Sterner, who won the 37B state House of Representatives seat.

In other business the city council passed a resolution imposing a $1,500 fine and six day suspension on Rosemount Liquor for its third offense. In addition, the business will have to install software that will ensure identifications are being checked. An additional 15-days of suspension will be stayed as long as the there are no other offenses in the next 24 months.