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Butler-Martinez pleads guilty to felony charge of aiding an offender

Zachary Butler-Martinez, the Rosemount teenager accused of hiding the knife his younger brother used to stab 17-year-old Cody Casey last March, pleaded guilty Monday to a felony charge of aiding an offender.

Butler-Martinez's trial was continued twice before this week's plea. He will be sentenced Dec. 16 and could still withdraw his plea before that date. He could be sentenced to up to 20 years in jail.

Police believe Butler-Martinez, 18 at the time and a senior at Rosemount High School, broke up the fight between Dakota Butler and Casey. But Butler, who was 16 at the time, had already stabbed Casey several times. Casey rode his bike away from the Butler family's home, where he had gone to confront another of Butler's siblings, but collapsed a few blocks away and was pronounced dead at Regions Hospital.

Butler-Martinez was accused of dumping the knife used to stab Casey in a sewer near the family's home on Dallara Ave.

Dakota Butler pleaded guilty March 19 to second degree murder and was confined to the Red Wing Juvenile Detention Facility until he is 21. He could receive an additional 150-month adult prison term if he does not meet requirements imposed by judge Michael Mayer.