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Citywide clean-up is Oct. 4

Once again city crews will set up for a morning of chaos as Rosemount's citywide Fall Clean-Up is scheduled for Oct. 4. Residents of Rosemount can bring a wide array of items they don't want anymore to the clean up so crews can make sure it is taken care of properly.

Fall clean up will be held at the Rosemount Public Works facility, 14455 Brazil Ave. In the spring the event is usually held at Dakota County Technical College but because of the presence of students during the fall park supervisor Tom Schuster said they hold the fall clean-up at a city facility.

The clean-up days are a popular event the city holds twice a year. While the spring event usually draws more people, Schuster said the fall event has grown in popularity over the last few years. Last fall 280 residents dropped off trash at the event. The spring event drew 400 in May.

Residents can dispose of a large number of items at the event either for free or at minimal cost. Items that can be accepted include old tires, electronics, car batteries, furniture, carpet and other non-hazardous items. The event is intended for household quantities of materials.

Because there are a number of facilities nearby that take hazardous waste such as motor oil and paint, Schuster said the city does not sponsor a hazardous waste clean up like some neighboring cities.

Yard materials such as grass clippings and compost will not be taken either.

The clean-up is available for Rosemount residents only. Proof of residency will be required. Schuster said the event is usually quite busy so residents should expect a line.

To sponsor the event the city teams up with several area companies including SKB Environmental, J.R.'s Advanced Recyclers, Gopher Resource Corporation and Dick's Sanitation. Materials received at the fall clean up are either recycled or properly disposed of.

The city has held clean up events for more than 10 years. Schuster said the event gives residents a place to dispose of hard to get rid of materials properly.

What is acceptable trash at clean-up day?

List and prices of items accepted during the city fall clean-up:

• Automotive batteries - no charge.

• Clean steel/metal - no charge.

• Computers (CPUs), monitors and televisions - no charge.

• Construction and demolition debris - no charge.

• Carpet and carpet pads - $2 per roll

• Bicycles and exercise equipment - $2 per item

• Lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc. - $5 per item.

• Car tires, with or without rims - $5 per item.

• Appliances - $10 per item

• Mattresses and sofas/couches - $10 per item.

• Truck and tractor tires, with or without rims -- $15 per item.

For garbage there will be a charge of $10 per five cubic-yard load (approximately the size of a pickup load) or $5 per individual item.