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Business fined for mishandling waste

Rosemount's Endres Processing has paid a $30,000 civil penalty to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for violations including storing approximately 600 tons of solid waste outdoors, uncovered and without a permit. The violations occurred in 2006 and 2007.

Endres processes discarded food products, dried foods, snack foods, candy and dairy and grain products into animal feed.

According to the MPCA, Endres needed a solid waste permit to store these waste materials. But the company stored them outdoors without cover or containment, allowing polluted water from the waste to drain to the river.

Endres also reportedly did not satisfactorily collect and transport solid waste to a permitted solid waste facility, instead sending waste to the Great Western Terminal in St. Paul, which does not have a permit to store, transfer or dispose of solid waste.

Responding to a complaint on Nov. 3, 2006, the MPCA documented 1,200 tons of rotting bakery waste at the terminal. The waste was stored outdoors with no system in place to contain polluted water.

When MPCA staff checked the site again March 19 last year they found approximately 600 tons of the waste observed the previous week was still stored outside the processing building. In at least two locations, food waste was piled up on unprotected ground. Water that had been in contact with the food waste was pooled on a clogged storm drain.

In addition to paying the $30,000 civil penalty, Endres has agreed to remove and properly manage all solid waste stored outside at its processing facility. Endres also agreed to abide by a housekeeping program it agreed to in a 2003 stipulation agreement with the MPCA. That program involves daily cleanup and removal of waste from outdoor areas.

Endres has a history of problems with government agencies. In 2000 an explosion killed one worker and injured several others. In 2002 Endres agreed to pay a $33,000 fine to the state Occupational Safety and Health Administraton for violations identified following the explosion.

A series of smaller explosions over several days in October of 2002 caused injuries to two Rosemount firefighters, threw one man from a shed attached to the plant's main building and forced the company to close.

OSHA also investigated Endres in 2006 following the death of another employee in a bin of grain.

From 2000 to 2006, according to OSHA records, Endres Processing has received 10 citations resulting in $3,185 in fines.