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New police officer is on the beat

On July 15, Jason Waage stood in front of the Rosemount City Council and took the officer's oath. Supported by his friends, family and comrades the 21-year-old accomplished a dream. He's now a police officer.

Although he's the newest officer on the force his face isn't new to the Rosemount Police Department. Waage has served on the department as a Community Service Officer for a year and a half. He credits his time with the department with helping him do well in school. Waage attended Inver Grove Heights Community College and graduated in May.

When he began as a CSO police chief Gary Kalstabakken told Waage that he would help him become a police officer if he got good grades. He didn't guarantee him a job with Rosemount but said they would get him the skills to get hired somewhere.

Waage took Kalstabakken's words to heart and made the dean's list the rest of his college career.

"They told me you gotta get good grades and I really took that seriously," said Waage.

During his time as a CSO Waage also worked hard to prove himself to the police officers. His work and determination impressed Kalstabakken and the rest of the department and led to him getting hired.

"This was my dream department. I wanted to work here for a long time," said Waage.

Waage said he wanted to work in Rosemount because it's his home town and a respected police department.

Several aspects of policing attracted Waage to the job. First, he said he enjoys helping people.

In addition he said that the excitement factor of the job appealed to him.

"It's an exciting job. You don't always know what you're going to do that day," said Waage.

As the newest and youngest officer on the department Waage said he knows he has to continue to prove himself to his fellow officers. He said they have teased him some but for the most part he said they have been supportive.

He hopes in the future to get involved with different groups on the department including the drug task force.

"It think that would be cool," said Waage.

This weekend Waage will be out in his new dark blue uniform helping with Leprechaun Days. Last year he helped with the event as a CSO. This year he said it will be different.

"It's a lot more responsibility," said Waage.