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Diamond Path Elementary loses 27 laptops in burglary

There were no pencils or books involved, but someone probably earned more than a few teachers' dirty looks last month with a pair of break-ins at Diamond Path Elementary School of International Studies.

According to Apple Valley police someone walked off with 30 laptop computers from the mobile computer lab and a few digital cameras. All told the lost items were valued at $41,655.

That amount does not include the cost of damage done to the school.

Nothing significant was taken during the first break-in, which occurred sometime late on the evening of June 12 or early the morning of June 13. A school custodian called Apple Valley police just after 6 a.m. after discovering someone had forced his or her way into a back door.

"We don't know exactly what the situation was, whether it was just kids looking for something," said AVPD captain Michael Marben. "Most of the damage was done during the entry into the school."

The second break-in was reported at around 7:30 a.m. June 16. A school employee found window near a door smashed and looked around the school before calling police. The employee discovered the computers were missing from the school's media center.

Marben said it's not clear yet whether the two break-ins are connected.

"We're exploring all avenues of the investigation," Marben said. "That's something we consider when we're looking into these incidents.

"I've got a suspicion that they probably are related but there's no way to tell."

District 196 communication specialist Tony Taschner said the stolen items are insured.