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Contaminated dirt is one step closer to Rosemount

A plan to remove contaminated soils from three 3M sites has received preliminary approval from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. That plan includes disposing those soils at Rosemount's SKB Environmental site.

Earlier this year, 3M filed a consent agreement with the MPCA, citing its intent to remove soils contaminated with perfluorochemicals, or PFCs, from company locations in Cottage Grove, Woodbury and Oakdale.

3M proposes to take excavated soil to a landfill that is licensed to handle that type of material. Though several companies were contacted, SKB Environmental became 3M's preferred site, partially because it was closest to the sites, and because the company already handles the type of contaminated soils in question.

The MPCA has not signed off on the project yet, but has indicated SKB's facilities would be appropriate. Several permits have to be obtained as part of the regulatory process before the MPCA gives its final approval.

However, SKB and 3M representatives feel the time has come to share information about the proposed project. The two companies have planned an open house for the public next week to provide residents with information about SKB, 3M, the project and all of the regulations involved.

"We wanted to have an informational meeting about (the proposal)," said SKB Environmental vice president John Domke. "To sort of show here's what the project is from 3M's standpoint, and SKB can explain its environmental controls."

The MPCA requires a public comment period as part of its permitting process. The open house is planned in conjunction with that comment period, allowing residents to ask questions and give opinions. Additionally, Domke said, organizers will provide addresses where written comments should be mailed.

The "poster session" will be held Thursday, June 5, in Room 1-520B at the Dakota County Technical College. An open format will be held from 5-6 p.m., allowing visitors to view posters and informational documents on the project. SKB and 3M will each make a brief presentation on their roles in the project beginning at 6 p.m.

For more information, residents are invited to call Domke at 651-224-6329.