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City will seek input on new administrator

A city administrator does a lot and can influence the direction a city takes. The person who does the job is basically the eyes and ears of the city council.

It's an important cog in the machine that runs Rosemount, which means finding the right person is important. That's why the Rosemount City Council is asking the public for help deciding what qualities and issues they should consider when hiring the next administrator.

A public forum will be held May 15. People who would like to share their opinions are invited to take part at any time between 5 and 7 p.m. Acting administrator Kim Lindquist said presentations will be given every 20 minutes through the two hour periods so residents can come at any time.

The city started searching for a new city administrator after former city head Jamie Verbrugge resigned to take a similar position in Brooklyn Park last month.

The council has hired the consulting firm Brimeyer Group to help it find good candidates. The council received bids from several hiring firms and ultimately chose Brimeyer because of their experience and low cost, said Lindquist. The flat fee for the service is $16,000.

The firm will host the open house for residents and like stakeholders. Mayor Bill Droste said residents who attend the meeting can share their ideas about the qualities they would like to see in the next administrator. In addition they can tell Brimeyer what they consider to be the most pressing issues the new person will have to handle.

"It's an opportunity for residents to tell us what key issues they feel are facing the city," said Droste.

Droste said he feels the next city administrator should have strong communications, management and finance skills. In addition he said the next person should have experience with economic development.

The meeting is part of the first phase of the search process. With the results of the May 15 meeting and input from city staff and the council, Lindquist said Brimeyer will create a profile of the ideal candidate.

The city council made a conscious decision to include the public in the search process.

"It's always been the philosophy of this council to involve the public when possible," said Lindquist.

When the ideal candidate profile has been created Brimeyer will put out an advertisement looking for interested candidates. Droste said the firm has already had interested parties inquiring.

"Knowing we have people out there interested makes me think we'll be fine," said Droste.

Council memers will narrow the field through a series of interviews. Although it is a rough schedule, Droste said the council hopes to hire someone in late August or early September.

The public forum for the city administrator search will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. May 15 at city hall.