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New communication technology is coming to town

This spring will bring some new options for residents in the way of technology. Frontier Communications and FTTH Communications both have plans to expand different technologies within Rosemount's borders. Here's the low down on what's coming.

Fiber optic

Over the next three years FTTH plans to install fiber optic cables throughout the city, starting this spring. The company installed cables in the Evermoor neighborhoods when the subdivision was built and will continue with its plan to provide service to all of the city.

This summer, general manager Kevin Kawell said the company will complete phase one of its build-out plan by putting in cables east of the railroad tracks and south of Connemara Trail.

Fiber optic, Kawell said, is the communication technology of the future. He said it is faster and more reliable than current technology.

Essentially, fiber optic cables are filled with thin strips of glass tinier than a human hair. Phone, Internet and cable television can all be sent over the cables at speeds not available through traditional phone and cable lines.

The cables will be put into the right-of-way and, as people subscribe, the cables will be brought to the homes. In addition the technology will be available to businesses, which city administrator Jamie Verbrugge said could be a competitive advantage for Rosemount.

Kawell said only 17 communities in Minnesota have full coverage. For business looking for a city, the presence of fiber optic in Rosemount may be a selling point.

"I think it places Rosemount in a very strong position to attract businesses," said Verbrugge.

In the Evermoor addition, Kawell said the service has been well received. He said six out of every 10 homes there have it.

FTTH Communications was started by Homer Thompkins of Contractors Property Development Company because he wanted to bring fiber optic to the Evermoor subdivision. During that time the city negotiated terms that FTTH would not just provide the service to the subdivision but to the whole city.

The company has since been taken over by Rudder Communications of St. Paul but will still complete the plan.


Frontier Communications, a telecommunications company that offers telephone and Internet service, will install a wireless network along County Road 42 and Highway 3 this spring. Frontier representative Maggie Quinn said networks will serve the commercial areas in town and allow businesses to offer wireless Internet hot-spots.

"It will allow people to have mobile Internet access," said Quinn.

Quinn said the network should be installed by the end of April and service will begin shortly after. Frontier subscribers will be able to use the service for a small additional fee. Casual users will also be able to use the service through credit card access at an hourly or daily rate.

A similar network was set up in Burnsville and has been successful, Quinn said. She said Frontier has approached the city of Apple Valley with hopes they will add a network there as well. The goal she said is to have service along the commercial areas in the neighboring communities.

In an agreement Frontier has with the city, it will mount its equipment for the network on city property.