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Letter: Take part in precinct caucuses

To the editor,

Please set aside Tuesday evening, February 5 to take part in our area (Rosemount and eastern Apple Valley -- House District 37B) caucuses. Caucuses will be held beginning at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5. DFLers meet at Apple Valley High School. Republicans meet at Falcon Ridge Middle School. After an initial all-House District meeting, caucus-goers will divide into neighborhood (precinct) meetings at which the most important political work of the entire election cycle takes place.

This year, we have the responsibility of endorsing candidates for many offices. While much of the national focus is on the presidential contest, perhaps the most important race for us is the contest to fill the seat of retiring Rep. Dennis Ozment. There will likely be several candidates making brief appearances before caucus-goers and seeking their support. If necessary, ask the candidates where they stand on issues and look for clear, knowledgeable answers.

The two or three hours you spend at precinct caucus will determine who is in control of the State Legislature. And you will build the political party platforms, too. It is a highly user-friendly process--and far and away the most significant step in the entire political process. Please take part. And ask others to join you in this important work.

Kathy Klonecky,