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Saint Joseph School students win 2 Future Cities awards

St. Joseph School scored a double win at the Minnesota Future Cities competition held Jan. 26 at the University of St. Thomas. A total of 36 teams from around the state competed and a total of 14 special awards were given out. St. Joseph School received two of those special awards in the following areas:

Best Transportation System

Best Incorporation of Renewable Energy and Recycling of Resources

St. Joseph School's city was created by six eighth grade students: April Bailey, Anna Fiest, Andrew Rome, Claire Schmitz, Gunnar Vraa, and Brooke Wakefield. Their city is named Ruhig which means peaceful in German. One of the main features of their city was a bridge equipped with nanosensors that constantly monitor the structure for any defects and relays this information to computers on a continuous basis. Their city also incorporates large areas of open, green space with pervious surfaces to minimize runoff into streams and rivers and to increase oxygen levels as well as the amount of sunlight available to the citizens of the city.