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Swimming: Irish edged by Jaguars in Lake Conference meet, 97-89

A fraction of a second here, and a fraction of a second there, and the RHS boys swimming team would have scored a big win over Bloomington Jefferson last week.

As it stands, though, the Jaguars emerged with a 97-89 win.

"It was our best meet, probably, in two years, as far as performing in a dual meet," RHS coach Jim Ertl said. "We had our chances to win. I can't even count the ways we could have won the meet. It just wasn't meant to be."

Ertl said that had the Irish won all three relays, they would have won by 16 points instead of losing by eight.

Rosemount, though, placed second in each relay. In the 200 medley, the Irish took second by just a half-second. In the 200 freestyle relay, the Irish were just eight tenths of a second behind the Jaguars. And, in the 400 freestyle relay, the Irish were just a second behind the Jags.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay -- team of Nick Manning, David Stern, Nate Manning and Pat Speer, second, 1:45.17; team of Tristan Boyd, Connor Carroll, Tony Spiel and Adam Cody, third, 1:53.49; team of Landon Weaver, Dane Peloquin, David Officer and Brent Wassell, fifth, 1:56.98.

200 freestyle -- Ross Freiderich, first, 1:52.91; Devin Sijan, third, 2:03.03; Jake Lehman, sixth, 2:09.84.

200 individual medley -- Nate Manning, third, 2:14.65; Weaver, fourth, 2:20.82; Spiel, sixth, 2:25.76.

50 freestyle -- Stern, first, 23.71; Nick Manning, third, 24.31; Speer, sixth, 24.93.

Diving -- Mat Anderson, second, 166.35; Jake Askew, fifth, 133.30; Jacob Koury, sixth, 112.60.

100 butterfly -- Spiel, third, 1:01.97; Lehman, fourth, 1:05.01; Officer, fifth, 1:06.35.

100 freestyle -- Nate Manning, first, 52.72; Andy Harrington, fourth, 54.94; Speer, fifth, 55.59.

500 freestyle -- Freiderich, first, 5:16.84; Sijan, second, 5:30.51; Mike Johnson, fourth, 5:40.35.

200 freestyle relay -- team of Stern, Speer, Freiderich and Sijan, second, 1:35.89; team of Harrington, Lehman, Adam Erb-Schramer and Cody, third, 1:40.17; team of Carroll, Nikita Klochan, Max Hubbard and Sam Schmitz, fourth, 1:43.36.

100 backstroke -- Nick Manning, second, 1:00.46; Weaver, third, 1:01.56; Boyd, fifth, 1:05.26.

100 breaststroke -- Stern, second, 1:06.71; Carroll, third, 1:08.88; Klochan, fifth, 1:13.63.

400 freestyle relay -- team of Nick Manning, Nate Manning, Sijan and Freiderich, second, 3:31.71; team of Harrington, Spiel, Lehman and Boyd, third, 3:47.30; team of Erb-Schramber, Hubbard, Schmitz and Weaver, fourth, 3:47.35.


Ertl said Weaver was the swimmer of the meet.

He had a good split in the medley relay, then dropped eight seconds in the 200 individual medley. He had personal bests in the 100 backstroke and the 100 freestyle as well.

Speer, Stern, Nick Manning, Spiel and Boyd each had best times during the medley relay.

Freiderich's time in the 200 freestyle was near his personal best.

Weaver, Spiel and Nate Manning each cut time, too.

Nick Manning had his best time in the 50 freestyle.

In diving, Anderson's second-place finish was important to the team.

"Mat did a nice job there," Ertl said.

Spiel dropped two seconds in the 100 butterfly.

Nate Manning and Harrington cut time in the 100 freestyle.

Johnson cut five seconds in the 500 freestyle. Sijan and Freiderich also had good times in the 500, Ertl said.

Erb, Klochan and Hubbard each had good times in the 200 freestyle relay.

Hubbard also had a good time in the 100 freestyle.

"This kid has come a long ways," Ertl said of Hubbard. He's going to be just awesome. He had a great night."

Nick Manning, Weaver and Boyd each had best times in the backstroke.

Carroll, Klochan and Stern cut time in the breaststroke.

In junior varsity action, Matt Powers, Derek Wassell, Erb, Sam Schmitz, Adam Cody, Harrington, Hubbard and Austin Phillips all stood out, Ertl said.