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Gas station employee faces sexual misconduct charges

A 45-year-old employee of the Marathon gas station on South Robert Trail in Rosemount faces charges of criminal sexual conduct after engaging in sexual acts with a 13-year-old girl.

The girl told police she was in the station's convenience store at around 6:15 p.m. Aug. 10, talking with the employee, when the employee, later identified as Abdulhakim Abdul Salahuddin, leaned over the counter and kissed her. She went to a back room with the employee and he Salahuddin then engaged in sexual acts with the girl.

The girl told police that as she left Salahuddin told her they should get together again the next day. The girl walked to a nearby business and called her grandmother and then the police.

The girl said she had told Salahuddin she was 13. She made a police-monitored call to Salahuddin in which she told him she could not meet him again because she was afraid to get in trouble with her grandmother and then reminded him she is only 13. Salahuddin responded that he understood and said bye.

Officers responded to the business and Salahuddin stepped outside of the business with the officers. The girl identified Salahuddin from a nearby squad car where she was waiting with her grandmother.

Rosemount police chief Gary Kalstabakken said the girl did not know Salahuddin before the Aug. 10 incident but that he did not force her into the store's back room.

If convicted on charges of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree, Salahuddin faces up to 15 years in jail and fines of up to $30,000.