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Math whizes

Rosemount Middle School seventh graders really know their math. The RMS Continental Math League team, made up of

all advanced math students at the school, has won

its region this year.

Students around the country compete in the CML,

taking six-question tests once a month for five

months. Schools send their tests in and results

are compared against those from other schools.

This year, RMS's cumulative score was the best in

its region.

RMS student Kevin Larson was named a National

Student Leader, one of the top scorers in the


Laurie Bakke, who oversees gifted and talented

programs at RMS, described the test questions as

"complex word problems." Students have half an

hour to finish six questions and most do not

finish them all.

Students said they enjoyed the tests, either for

the challenge of doing harder problems or the

break it offered them from regular classwork.

"It was just kind of fun to get together and do

practice problems and learn new ways to do

problems," said Megan Fitzgerald, one of the

school's top scorers.