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Helping others get fit

Cassidy Loesch hasn't always liked exercise. In fact talk to her about her high school gym days and she'll admit that she hated it.

"Right when I could stop taking (gym) I did," admitted Loesch.

Things have changed though. So much in fact that now she teaches other people how to exercise.

Loesch works as a personal trainer at Americas Fitness Center in Rosemount. She also teaches several exercise classes there.

The mother of two boys struggled with her weight for years. Loesch said she would lose weight and then gain it right back.

In the spring of 2006 she joined Weight Watchers and lost nearly 20 pounds and felt pretty good about it. Then she went on a trip and her weight crept back up.

Later on that summer she was at a house warming party on a hot day. Uncomfortable and dripping with sweat Loesch caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror and decided things had to change.

"It was seeing myself dripping with sweat and feeling gross that finally changed it for me," Loesch said.

Loesch started following Weight Watchers again and added exercise to her weight loss efforts. Everything clicked and over the last three years Loesch has lost 125 pounds.

"I have a lot more confidence," said Loesch of her new body.

Weight Watchers taught her how to make responsible food decisions, Loesch said. She follows the program but still eats things she likes.

"I believe the only way to lose weight is to do it in a manner you can do forever," said Loesch.

Loesch will admit she started working out because she wanted to eat more but exercising helped make the difference this time around. Last November she hired a personal trainer to help her gain strength. She also trained to walk a half marathon.

Although she completed the half marathon, she hurt her foot in the process and had to seek out different ways to exercise. That's when her trainer, Travis Voshell, introduced her to spinning.

"It changed my outlook on exercise," said Loesch. "I never thought I would love exercise."

Finding a passion for it, Loesch decided that exercise was something she wanted to pursue as a part-time job. A year, almost to the day, after she started spinning Loesch began teaching the class at Americas Fitness Centers in Rosemount. She also has become a certified personal trainer.

"I use it as a maintenance tool," said Loesch of becoming a trainer. "No one wants a fat trainer."

As a trainer Loesch said she hopes to help people through their own weight struggles.

Loesch said she still struggles with being a thinner version of her self. When in a restaurant Loesch said she will still turn sideways to avoid knocking over chairs, although she doesn't need to.

"Sometimes I still think of myself as that big person," said Loesch.

Loesch has room to take on a few more clients. Anyone interested should call 651-322-5552