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Library thriving in Rosemount

The Robert Trail Library has been open for nine months and so far it has met expectations. Branch manager Jamie Jurgensen said everything has run smoothly and while staff is still working to increase the library's collection things have gone as well as planned.

"Things are going great," said Jurgensen.

After nearly a year Jurgensen said library staff has found it surprising that excitement surrounding the library hasn't waned.

"We're still seeing growth," she said. "And there is still a sense of wonderment and delight when people come in."

From February, when the library opened, through October, 164,754 people visited the library. Additionally, from February through September 278,987 items were checked out.

Jurgensen said she anticipates check out numbers will increase as the library adds to its collection. The library started with a collection of 45,000 items including books, magazines, newspapers, movies, CDs and other items.

While all of the library's resources are getting used Jurgensen said the children's and teen sections have proved to be especially popular.

Jurgensen said events and groups the library offers have proved popular as well. The library has a good group of teens volunteering with the Teen Advisory Group and a Friends of the Library group has started to take off.

While things have gone well Jurgensen said the library will strive to improve where it can. She said staff will continue to take recommendations from patrons on what materials and programs to offer.

The patrons of the library seemed to reflect Jurgensen's sentiments Tuesday night. Shaela Strayer and Alexis Johnson sat at a table and worked on a project for the culture fair at Rosemount Middle School. The duo chose to make their project at the library to escape annoying younger siblings.

"It's a quiet place," said Strayer.

Both girls said they use the library often and think it's been a good addition to the community.

Mother and daughter Tori and Ashley Rosel took some time to do some light reading at the library while waiting for soccer practice to get over at the high school. Tori said while their family doesn't use the library as often as she would like, she's glad it's in the community.

"I think it's been a great addition to Rosemount," said Tori.

The 22,000-square-foot county library was built on 2.5 acres bounded by Cameo Drive, South Robert Trail and the former St. Joseph's Catholic Church building.