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Rosemount United Methodist welcomes new youth pastor

Jean Elliott is the new youth pastor at Rosemount United Methodist Church.

On August 1, Rosemount United Methodist Church will welcome a new youth pastor, Jean Elliott, to their staff.

Elliott received her bachelor of arts degree in sociology/anthropology and religion from St. Olaf College, and from there went on for a masters in Christian education/youth faith formation from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Elliott has been a youth pastor at Good Samaritan United Methodist Church in Edina for the last six years. As a result of her current position being reduced to part time, she looked elsewhere, and found a place at United Methodist Church.

"I'm looking forward to meeting all the family and students at United Methodist Church and beginning our journey together," she said.

In beginning this journey, Elliott brings her long-time pastoral experience to the United Methodist community. Besides her current position at Good Samaritan United Methodist Church, she has worked with different ministries, including Hamline University, Stillwater United Methodist Church and Star Lake Wilderness Camp. In beginning this journey, Elliott brings her long-time pastoral experience to the United Methodist community.

"I'm sure I will bring my own flavor and some new activities, but I also want to take the first few months and get to know the community and (for us) to get to know each other. (I want to) get the vibe of their community and see how we can work together to create new events and maintain some of the traditions."

Elliott will work with junior and senior high youth from the United Methodist community, helping with youth groups, co-teaching confirmation classes and taking students on retreats. Her favorite part of her job is the students.

"I love being apart of their faith journey," she said. "Students crack me up. I learn a lot from them, probably as much as I teach them. It is a really exciting time in their lives ... to be apart of youth group and their church family."

Elliot is also looking forward to getting to know all of those in the Rosemount United Methodist community, and she said being a youth pastor has been her calling.

"I'm super excited to work with the staff at Rosemount UMC and looking forward to meeting the congregation and all the small group leaders and other volunteers in youth ministry," Elliott said.