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Letter: Credibility issues with Craig’s campaign ads

There is a serious credibility problem with some of Angie Craig's ads used during her campaign to be our 2nd Congressional District representative. To the informed voter, there has to be profound skepticism regarding the role of a gentleman named Gary Huusko, who played a big role in Craig's campaign. Huusko claims to be a Republican, but in the ads he supported Craig over Republican endorsed Jason Lewis.

What would cause this ostensible Republican to support a candidate who shared no conservative Republican virtues? For decades I have attended numerous Republican caucuses and other Republican events in Eagan and elsewhere. At no time did Mr. Huusko ever demonstrate to any of us anything that would make those in attendance believe he held conservative views.

Is it possible that Mr. Huusko's liberal positions on the ISD 196 School Board be the true reflection of what he really represents?

There will be other opportunities within our congressional district for Mr. Huusko to prove he is a Republican. We all wait, with great anticipation, for proof that Mr. Huusko is not a fraud or a mugwump regarding his claim of being a Republican.