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Letter: Consider Heidi Freske for city council

My husband and I recently built a home in Rosemount. We chose Rosemount to raise our children because of the emerging population of people like us; business professionals with young children. Schools are nationally ranked and we are a drive away from businesses and amenities that cater to our family. But here in lies the problem, I am a drive away. I buy most of our family’s necessities and perform our leisurely activities in neighboring communities. In my cul-de-sac alone, there are 20 children under the age of 12. Children involved in the fine arts and sports such as lacrosse, soccer, hockey, baseball, softball and basketball. As it stands now with our lack of facilities, these families venture to other cities that cater to their needs. And their money goes with them.

Despite my grievances, I am optimistic. Heidi Freske represents what I am looking for in a leader for Rosemount. After watching the council forum, I was impressed with her ideas and passion for Rosemount. Freske was clear, confident and spoke from her experience and her heart. Freske’s ideas for economic growth and fiscal responsibility were spot on. Her plans include an agenda to attract new businesses, focus on our infrastructure needs as our city grows, and strongly supports the youth of our community.

I encourage everyone to take a closer look at who is representing you at the local level. Do they share your viewpoints? Do they have a strategy for the future that mirrors your vision? You’ve made your largest investment in Rosemount — your home. And you’ve chosen this great city to raise your family. The city council makes important decisions that affect us now and into the future. Freske brings a voice to those of us working hard to raise our family.