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Letter: Holly Jenkins shows up to make a difference

Last August, I attended packed meetings in St. Paul where Met Council members unanimously voted in favor of the Dakota County Board’s unpopular Lebanon Hills Plan which would compromise the future of this beloved park.

All people were asking during two lengthy meetings was to return the plan back to the Dakota County Board of Commissioners to allow open communication and discussion between the decision makers and the many affected citizens. Why was that too much to ask? A chance to come together with their local commissioners to create a spot in their own community where nature is the number one attraction.

I was aware of both meetings because an Eagan resident, Holly Jenkins, founded a nonprofit organization, Wilderness in the City, to inform people of decisions made by the county and to encourage those who love this park, Lebanon Hills, to get involved to make it a place for nature and people to come together.

The Met Council gave the people a chance to speak. Holly spoke. I spoke. Greg Buck spoke (Greg ran for commissioner in the 2016 primary), as did others.

State Sens. Greg Clausen (Apple Valley-Rosemount) and Jim Carlson (Eagan-Burnsville) attended one of the meetings to find out what was going on with this Lebanon Hills Plan controversy.

Missing at these very important meetings involving so many upset residents was former mayor of Inver Grove Heights and current Minnesota House Rep. Joe Atkins.

How can Rep. Atkins represent our community as county commissioner when he doesn’t even show up?

Vote Holly Jenkins for Dakota County Commissioner. Holly not only organizes and shows up, she sports an MBA in Finance from the Carlson School of Management. She is a professional numbers cruncher and we in Dakota County all need her finance expertise.