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Letter: Democrat candidates are unethical, untrustworthy

Democrats and their candidates Angie Craig, Terri Bonoff, Rick Nolan and Hillary Clinton have proven to be unethical, untrustworthy and unqualified to lead our congressional districts, our state and our nation.

Here in the 2nd Congressional District, GOP candidate Jason Lewis is gaining on his Hillary-cloned opponent, the extremely wealthy Angie Craig. It was just announced that $300,000 of outside money was just donated to Craig's campaign fund, which is already estimated at $1.7 million. Jason Lewis is not a big money, career politician; he understands the needs of our city, our state and our country. He knows it’s not more big-government control, but less, that we need in our lives. Angie Craig and Hillary Clinton want to expand government beyond its current size, turning over our health care to federal bureaucrats, ignoring our dangerously mounting deficit and the control China can exert over us as their largest debtors, and all but dissolving states’ rights. We can’t afford more of the same. Jason is the answer to represent fresh, innovative solutions in Washington.

It is up to the hard-working, tax-paying, everyday families in CD2 to reject a candidate who is attempting to buy her congressional seat. We don't need someone of such great wealth that she can't identify with the “common folk” and wants to allow for more government intrusion into our lives. Jason Lewis puts working families, veterans and school children first in his campaign. Jason Lewis needs our support today and our vote on Nov. 8.