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Levy backers have high hopes for 2014

To the editor,

A group of parents and citizens took the opportunity to make a difference for our students by stepping up to lead a Vote Yes Campaign in support of the ISD 196 levy referendum question on the ballot this past Nov. 5.

The mission of UNITE 196 is to connect the community and District 196 through timely and accurate communication, support District 196 to continue its legacy as a prudent steward of public resources, and build relationships with our elected representatives. We want to empower the community to make a difference in our local schools.

Even though the UNITE 196 team only started the campaign the week after Labor Day, we are thankful for how enthusiastically District 196 communities came together to support public education. More than 250 residents of all ages volunteered to do literature drops on the Saturday mornings leading up to the election. As a result, voter turnout increased and the levy question was approved by a landslide. It is clear the people of District 196 want to maintain the high quality of academics, arts, and athletics our schools provide our students. Thank you to all who helped voters better understand the financial state of the district, inform others why the levy was needed, and encourage voters to go to the polls on election day.

UNITE 196 will continue its grass-root efforts during the 2014 Minnesota legislative session. We will keep you informed as to what education related legislation is being proposed at the State Capitol and provide simple ways you can advocate for our public schools.

Retno Saridewi-Wong, Chas McCready, Michael Groneberg, Amy Sutton, Mary Ann Choy, Clint Kranz