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Letter: Weisensel appreciates support

To the editor,

To the city of Rosemount residents:

Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve you on city council. I continue to be appreciative and humbled by your support to serve on your behalf. Four years ago, enough voters believed in my leadership, civic service and vision for Rosemount.  Over the past four years, working with the other council members, we have set goals and strategies that maintained our services, provided new amenities and seen a return of economic growth while being fiscally responsible with tax dollars.  Having your support and being re-elected confirms we are going in the right direction as a city. 

One of the initiatives I supported was updating our city of Rosemount website by changing its operating platform and allowing for a broader spectrum of use.  Looking forward, we continue to have many opportunities with this website to keep residents aware of community happenings, relevant information for their use and the ability to communicate with staff and council.  

In January, the new city council will review and update goals as well as move forward on strategies for the benefit of our city and our residents.  As residents, you can have an impact by offering your suggestions and comments through the website or directly to any of the council members.  While door knocking this past election season, residents expressed what they liked and what they did not.  Many said they had not shared their views with the city and staff. Please consider sharing your thoughts through the new website or directly to council members.  I look forward to hearing from you during the next four years.  I am available at

Again, Thank you for your support.  

Jeff Weisensel,