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Letter: Council did not put voters first

To the editor,

One of the surest ways to increase low voter confidence is to override citizen voters.

This is exactly what happened at the grand finale council work session last week that isolated the choice candidate of the Rosemount mayor and three city council members. A citizen close to the political government of our city was the pick.

I attended every one of the 21 interviews for the city council member who would be Kurt Bills' replacement, which included repeats of three finalists. Most candidates had better credentials than anything we have on the council right now. So, why was the council so fussy?

Not one candidate in the lot could step in without a fair amount of diligence. What if, in November, voters had chosen a brand new mayor, two new council members and a third council member to replace Bills? What then? Council members DeBettignies, Shoe-Corrigan, Weisensel, and the mayor are pompous for thinking only they can make our election choice for us. This is the mentality of a government who has seized control.

Why hold elections at all? We could save money by eliminating them. Why not just let the Met Council appoint our city leaders?

Such a silly reason given by the city for not going with voters' next-highest city council choice on Election Day: A two-year term has different circumstances. Wow, two years instead of four! How is that a gargantuan difference? Subtract two.

The city claimed they did not want to incur the cost of a special election, an election they had funds earmarked for that specific purpose. Were they afraid the candidate they had in mind might not win?

Were they afraid candidate Tim Judy, a strong choice of the people during the recent general election, might make it on the council by election this time? As an alternative to a special election, appointing Tim Judy made a lot of sense as he had already run the race with clear voter support.

It is an affront to our democracy to not put voters first. Rosemount citizens need to rise up and demand that "people first" is restored to their city government. Say no to politicians who do not support fair elections. In Rosemount, we need to prevent takeover of our city by city hall insiders who do not support competitive races in which citizens decide.

A finalist candidate for the city council appointment stated at both interviews that they would not run for an election unless they were running as an incumbent.

I will never vote for a pseudo-incumbent, a candidate who did not have the guts to go through an election "by the people."

Kathy Klonecky,


Kathy Klonecky is the wife of council candidate Tim Judy