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Letter: Bills supports education

To the editor,

After reading the heading to the Letter to the Editor of October 21 "Bills does not support education", I felt compelled to write to not only refute this allegation but to support Kurt Bill's candidacy. The article states that "Bills should make public education and proper funding of public education his top priorities..." leads readers to believe that Bills does not think education is important. Bills certainly does support education and knows that education would benefit within the framework of a sound, vibrant economy. I think that many would agree the state of the economy in the United States is a disaster. It is the number one concern of voters today. Kurt Bills is a confident and competent student and teacher of economics and political science. In addition to being a committed educator for sixteen years, he is also one of the most popular teachers at Rosemount High School. And it is not because he is "easy" or a "pushover" as teachers are sometimes labeled by students. He believes in the efficacy of each student, that they have the ability to be responsible students, can learn and they do learn in his classroom. He instills in them to be thoughtful divergent thinkers and good citizens. For them to reach the success they deserve, it is incumbent they have solid economic conditions to build their careers around.

Kurt knows that scarcity has always been an issue in economics. There is always an imbalance between the amount of wants and needs in a society and available resources. Because resources are limited, people who allocate those resources must realize that tough decisions need to be made. Yes, education is important to every society, but ask small business owners who creates eighty percent of the jobs in the United States, a member of the health care industry, a farmer, a social worker, a member of the armed forces or a welfare recipient just to name a few. Would they all tell Kurt Bills that education is the top priority? I think not. Everyone has their own unique priorities. For that reason, we need leaders who can analyze the big picture realizing that without careful consideration and a vision for the future that our scare resources could no longer be sustain the type of society we want.

We need leaders who are embellished with such qualities as integrity, ethical behavior and fiscal intelligence at all levels of government. Kurt Bills is that person. He is ready to practice what he teaches. As a person, he excels in effective and positive communication, he is exceptionally well informed on business, political and social issues, concentrates on developing solutions, and welcomes opportunities for improvement. Kurt Bills displays an outgoing personality, projects energy and enthusiasm and will display hard working persistence which is necessary for a very difficult, but extremely important position as House District 37B Representative.

Kurt and Rita Gundacker,