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Letter: Sterner responds to criticisms

To the editor,

Many of you have written this paper to comment on my work as your representative. Thank you. It's a privilege to hear from so many about your vision for Minnesota. You've confirmed what I've always believed; people in Rosemount and Apple Valley don't care where good ideas come from -- you just want us to work together to get things done.

My opposition has decided that misleading, negative attacks are the way to win. Recent letters to this paper, direct mail and TV ads filled with out-of-context information and errors of omission make it clear they have chosen a negative route in which the first casualty has been the truth.

Don't be fooled. The truth is that I've worked day and night to make a positive difference. As a small business owner, I know only common sense and fiscal discipline can turn our economy around. As a father, I'm committed to improving our public schools -- because a great education is the key to opportunity for our children. As a neighbor, I want a secure retirement for my parents and neighborhoods that are safe places for our children to learn and play.

People are worried -- about jobs, about their health care and their security. I am too. That's why I made tough decisions to cut state spending by nearly $3 billion and balance our state budget without raising taxes. It's why I voted to hold the line on taxes, to protect tax credits for veterans, seniors and renters, and against bills that would have raised taxes on middle class households. It's why I worked across party lines to develop and pass new laws that are helping Minnesota small businesses grow and hire more workers I'm not a "career politician." I'm a lifelong resident of this district -- a dad, small business owner and volunteer who cares deeply about our community and our state's future. With your support, I'll keep working across party lines, with respect for every point of view, to create good jobs for our state, world class schools in our neighborhoods and a state where we all have a chance to achieve our dreams.

Phil Sterner,

State Representative, District 37A