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New art classes are on the schedule

The Rosemount Area Arts Council has hosted many events to support its mission of building and strengthening the community through arts, but never before has it had the ability to offer scheduled arts and craft classes to the public. Now, thanks to an expansion of the Steeple Center, it finally has the space to do just that.

Beginning the first week of February, RAAC will offer classes on a variety of arts and craft themes to anyone who wishes to participate. All ages and skill levels are welcome. RAAC education chair Megan Wright said the goal of the classes is to enrich the community. She said classes are great way for residents to meet their neighbors.

Winter and spring classes include watercolor painting, photography, knitting, wood burning, basket weaving and felting. Other classes will be added as time goes on, and Wright said she would like to see classes geared toward children down the road as well, though they are not set up for kids just yet.

“It would be fantastic to just have that place hopping all the time,” Wright said.

Wright feels fortunate the classes will be housed in such a prime location, surrounded by the Robert Trail Library, seniors and local elementary and middle schools.

“It’s so wonderful we can just pop over to the Steeple Center and have a great night out. They’re just right in our backyard. We’re so lucky the city had the foresight to preserve that church and take it on,” she said. “I can’t commend the city enough.”

Wright also is excited to bring opportunities to people south of the river.

“A lot of people have to go up into the cities when they want to be involved in these types of things,” she said.

Unless otherwise specified on RAAC’s website, all classes will be held at the Steeple Center at 14375 S. Robert Trail. Students who register for February classes will be among the first to enjoy a brand new room designed specifically for arts and crafts. The room is large, open and airy, uncarpeted, and lets in a great deal of natural light.

“It’s just such a pleasant place. It has fabulous lighting. It is really beautiful,” Wright said. We’re just really, really lucky.”

Visit to view a class schedule or to register online. Questions can be directed to Wright at