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Rosemount hockey mom is in the spotlight with new documentary

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Angie Goren had no idea when she met her husband in a college course at the age of 20 that she would soon enter into a world of hockey that would eventually take over her life. Now the wife of a former professional hockey player is also the mother of two hockey-playing boys, and her love-hate relationship with the sport is being featured on Hockey Moms, an 11-episode reality show documentary following the lives of four Midwest hockey moms.

Goren first heard about the television opportunity when a couple of friends e-mailed it to her over the summer. She applied on a whim. Through a series of phone interviews, family interviews, and interviews with the producer, casting agents eventually whittled down a list of 400 applicants to four, and Angie was one of them.

“It just kind of kept going and going,” Goren said. “I was surprised I was picked, but I do know that there’s a lot of hockey in our house.”

When Goren says there is a lot of hockey in her house, she is not exaggerating. Her husband, Lee, is a former professional hockey player from Winnipeg who was drafted by the Boston Bruins at the age of 18. After spending four years playing Division I varsity hockey for the University of North Dakota, where he met Angie, he played for the Bruins, the Florida Panthers and the Vancouver Canucks and for several minor league teams.

The couple then spent six years living in Europe while Lee played hockey in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Germany. Their youngest son Lincoln, now 5, was born in Germany.

“I had no idea what I was getting into,” Goren said.

Her husband got in a car accident two years ago and had to retire from playing professionally due to nerve damage in his shoulder, but that has not stopped him from playing casually or from coaching. Lee now serves as an assistant coach at St. Olaf in Northfield, and together he and Angie run Lee Goren Hockey and Coaching, which offers year-round hockey camps in Rosemount.

The hockey doesn’t stop with Goren’s husband, either. Both of the couple’s sons, 8-year-old Oliver, a student at Parkview Elementary, and Lincoln, play hockey as well. Goren manages both teams.

“I’m sure they’re a product of their environment, but they both love it,” Goren said. “I could barely take Lincoln to Oliver’s practices last year because he wanted to be out there so bad, it was like torture.”

Goren thinks she was chosen for Hockey Moms because she offers a different perspective than the other moms who applied.

“I don’t love hockey that much and I’m very open with it,” Goren said. “It controls my entire life. I definitely get cranky about that.... I love the passion that my husband has for the sport. I love the person he is because of it. I love watching my kids play. But I get frustrated that something I don’t have a passion for runs a lot of my life.”

Goren said that although she loves watching her children bond with their father through hockey, she does not want the sport to take over their lives.

“I do get concerned that it’s too much of their lives,” Goren said. “I fight for a more balanced life for my boys.”

Goren said she was pleased with a rough cut of the first episode, which premiered Dec. 26.

“I thought it was good,” she said. “It’s not your typical reality show. That is our family. What you see is what we are.”

Hockey Moms will air at 6:30 p.m. on Saturdays through March 5 on KSTC-TV45.