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Leprechaun Days kicks off under sunny skies

There were cars from many eras on display at Saturday's Rods and Wrecks car show, as well as airbag demonstrations and a chance for young drivers to test their ability to drive while talking on a cell phone.1 / 6
Dancers of all ages tried their hands at square dancing Friday.2 / 6
Umbrellas were popular accessories over the weekend as eventgoers tried to hide from the sun.3 / 6
Some kids just walked in Sunday's kiddie parade. Others could walk and do tricks.4 / 6
Sunday's hamster and gerbil races are always popular among the kids.5 / 6
Several teams competed Sunday in the first Leprechaun Days wiffleball tournament.6 / 6

The first weekend of Leprechaun Days kicked off under sunny skies and good crowds took in events including the Bluegrass Americana Weekend, the hamster and gerbil races and a new wiffleball tournament.

Leprechaun Days continues through Aug. 1. For a full schedule, see this story