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Rambling man comes home

Rosemount native Joshua Kloyda has made money the last few years working as a street performer.

Joshua Kloyda is a rambling man. With a guitar in his hand and a song in his heart the 22-year-old Rosemount native loves to travel the country playing music for whoever wants to listen.

While Kloyda spends most of his time in Nashville or on the road these days, he decided to stop in his hometown for the summer to promote his new CD "Ramblin On" and to perform locally.

Music has always been a big part of Kloyda's life. He started playing guitar when he was 13 years old. Later in his teens he started writing songs.

His songs stem from his life experiences and Kloyda has packed a lot into his first 22 years. He's been a skateboarder, hippie and God fearing traveler.

While Kloyda took a shot at professional skateboarding, he eventually decided music was his true calling and quit. He started out playing punk rock but mellowed out with time and experience.

"I'm in love with Blues and Folk music with a Tennessee Hill Country flavor to it," Kloyda says about himself on his web site.

He honed in on that style of music for his new CD.

"It's soothing and peaceful," said Kloyda of his work.

"Ramblin On" is Kloyda's second CD. His first came out several years ago and he says it was just all right.

"They were the first songs I ever wrote," he said.

This time around Kloyda said he's a lot happier with what he's done.

"I think it's hard for a musician and artist to like their own songs but I like this CD," said Kloyda.

With miles behind him Kloyda said he just wants to put food on his table and clothes on his back doing what loves-singing songs and playing his guitar. Kloyda has traveled the country in his blue Ford van playing on the streets trying to make his dream a reality.

"Music is my creative outlet and the way I communicate," said Kloyda, sitting inside Farmington's Ugly Mug coffee shop, the first place he ever performed for people.

Looking around the coffee shop with fondness Kloyda said he hoped to play a show at the coffee house while he's in the area.

"I'm excited to play here again," he added.

While he's not sure how long he'll be in Minnesota, Kloyda said he plans to stay for at least a few months. After that he'll see where the wind and his Ford E-150 take him.

"I never know how long I'll be around," said Kloyda in true rambling man fashion.

Kloyda will have a CD release party at 7 p.m. June 12 at 15305 Darjeeling Ct. The show is free and will include free barbeque.

"I hope people come out enjoy it," said Kloyda.

For more information on Joshua Kloyda visit his web site at

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