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Hear ghost stories Saturday at the library

When Robert Trail librarian Gladys Kim saw the Hastings Paranormal Team present last fall at the Hastings Library, she made a mental note that she wanted to bring the group to Rosemount sometime after the library opened.

That sometime is Halloween day, which seems pretty appropriate. The team investigates places that are reportedly haunted. And when they can't find a reasonable explanation for the things that go bump at night, they hunt for ghosts.

"It's really interesting and the people get into it," said Kim about the group's presentation.

During the two-hour presentation the group shares their background and stories from investigations they have performed in the past. They also show their equipment and demonstrate how it works.

Tim Kelly, one of the founding members of the nine-person team, said the audience really enjoys seeing the equipment.

While they like to see how the team finds ghosts, the audience really gets excited when the team plays its audio and video evidence it has collected.

"We've managed to freak a few people out," said Kelly with a chuckle.

This is the second year the team has done presentations with the Dakota County Library System. In addition to Rosemount the group will present at Apple Valley and Lakeville.

The Hastings Paranormal Team takes requests to investigate whether a place is haunted. The group has traveled all over the Midwest to do investigations. Kelly said the team is a non-profit organization and does the investigations for free.

"It's something that we enjoy," said Kelly.

The team works with clients to find answers. While sometimes they come up with simple answers, he said other times it's more complicated.

"We try to find reasonable explanations for our clients who are pretty freaked out," said Kelly.

While they have found some pretty freaky stuff, Kelly explained that group isn't Ghostbusters, and while they will help people, they aren't there to remove the entities.

"It's not like you see on TV," said Kelly.

The Hastings Paranormal Team will present 1 to 3 p.m. Oct. 31 at the library.