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As the weather cools, upwards of 100,000 bats will make their way into the Wisconsin Industrial Sand Corp. mine in Maiden Rock to hibernate for the winter months. Their hibernaculum is in the oldest part of the sand mine, which no longer is actively worked. Bats huddle together for warmth on the high sandstone walls and ceilings of tunnels beneath about 30 acres in the Maiden Rock area. Another 50,000 bats can be found nights in the Bay City sand mine a few miles away. Cody Buckalew / RiverTown...

Maiden Rock/Bay City bat caves house 150,000

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MAIDEN ROCK -- It's cold. Dark. Quiet as a tomb -- except for little squeaking sounds so tiny you wonder if you're imagining them.

It is Halloween, after all.


A small, furry creature abruptly detaches from the high sandstone wall and swoops away, down an even darker tunnel in the Wisconsin Industrial Sand Corp. cave.

Silently -- except for tiny little squeaking sounds.

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