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Looking back: Rosemount stalls action on municipal liquor store in '64

50 years ago

From the April 2, 1964 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Rosemount liquor store bids over budget

Rosemount Village Council held up action on the bids they received Tuesday evening for the new municipal liquor store, because the “bids were more than the budget would allow,” Eugene Duff, clerk said.

The village had allotted a total of $120,000 for the building and the land and the bids were somewhat higher....

The council is going to have to decide whether to cut down on the building or to find more money, Duff said.

The land for the new liquor store is located just north of the village hall on Highway 3. The house which is presently on the land was sold to Matt Krech, Rosemount, for $25 and closing costs.

Margaret Alsip named clerk of Rosemount Twp.

The appointment of Mrs. Margaret Alsip, 37, to serve as Rosemount’s township clerk to succeed the late John J. Daly, Sr., was announced today by the town board.

Mrs. Alsip was born and raised in St. Paul. She and her husband, Clarence L., live north of Rosemount village, and have two daughters.

Mr. Daly held the office of township clerk for 17 years and died a short time ago of a heart attack, just nine days after he was re-elected to a two-year term. Mrs. Alsip will serve until next March.

MacPhee-Lange in Farmington, to hold open house, Sunday

The MacPhee-Lange Funeral Home, Farmington, in advertisements in this week’s Tribune, extends an invitation to everyone to visit the newly-redecorated facilities of the home....

Jerry Lange, a newcomer to Farmington, and a mortician at the home, will be there to welcome visitors.

Farm-Hardware store to open in Town’s Edge

A farm supply and hardware store, which yet has no name, will open about May 1, at Town’s Edge Shopping Center, Farmington, is was announced Monday by Harold Nelson, owner and operator.

The 40x60 store exterior has already been completed. Nelson said the fixtures will arrive about April 8, and the actual set-up will begin April 15.

The store will feature Inter-State Products, which has headquarters in Bloomington. This is the 23rd store Inter-State has opened since Dec. 1. Both the main floor and the basement will contain display merchandise.

The line will include paint, tools and all kinds of hardware, a biological department containing sprays, etc.; and many other departments.

The building is owned by Town’s Edge Center, and is the 15th business to be opened there.

75 years ago

From the April 7, 1939 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Farce comedy at Rich Valley

St. John’s Walther League of Rich Valley will again present their annual play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 14, 15 and 16 in the school auditorium.

The title of the play is “A Ready Made Family,” a comedy in three acts written by Jay Tobias.

The characters include: Agnes Martyn, a widow – Linda Jacobson; Bob, her son – Theodore Wachter; Marilee, her elder daughter – Norma Neunaber; Gracie, her younger child – Lois Neunaber; Miss Lydia, her sister-in-law – Linda Moll; Henry Turner, a widower – Arthur Volkert; Doris, his daughter – Emma Doris Jacobson; Sammie, his son - Norman Wachter; Begonia, the Martyn’s Darky cook – Hilda Franzmeier; Nicodemus, the Martyn’s colored handyman – Edwin Volkert.

Recreation parlor changes hands

The recreation parlor operated for sometime by the Conway brothers has been purchased by Fred McAndrew who is making some improvements and plans to open Saturday. The place will be known as The Men’s Club. The man in charge of the place has not yet been selected.

School program much enjoyed

Quite a few from the community and the entire school enjoyed a musical program at the Farmington High School auditorium last Friday afternoon....

Carolyn Haugh played a coronet solo, Warren Kadas played a bass solo and Donald Reschke played a bassoon solo, all of the numbers were memorized and done in very capable style.

Misses Mary Martin, Louise Denzer and Deloris McConaghie, who sang two trios were much enjoyed.

The directors, Kenneth Springen and Muriel Theurer are to be congratulated: also Miss Theurer and Jean Ann Feely as accompanists, added to this program.

Rosemount News

Mrs. Bernard Kolda who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Agnes Ryan for several weeks, went to Chicago last Friday to meet her husband and visit friends there. They are returning to Rosemount to spend Easter. Congressman Ryan is expected home the last of this week.

Mrs. M.J. Mullery is confined to her bed with the flu.

John Bartelt had a birthday anniversary Tuesday and the following came in to help him celebrate the event: Mrs. M.O. Larsen and children, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bartelt and Dorothy Bartelt of Rosemount and Richard Groth of Castle Rock.

Miss M. Neinfildt of St. Paul is spending her Easter vacation at the Ralph Gilman home.

100 years ago

From the April 3, 1914 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Post office changes masters

Tuesday evening H.H. Judson laid down the official harness as postmaster of Farmington and Wednesday morning found a new man at the window handing out mail. Almost 30 years ago Mr. Judson took oath that he would perform the duties of postmaster to the best of his ability and these years have proved that he was true to his word and that no one could have done the work better. He has made a good official and leaves the office taking with him the well wishes of many friends. G.F. Akin, the newly-appointed postmaster, is taking hold of the duties with all the grace and ease of an old hand and the work will go on without a ripple in the postal affairs. Charley Akin will act as deputy.


J.F. Geraghty was awakened early Tuesday by the news that his side door his store was wide open.

The Five Hundred Club were entertained by William and Thomas Diffley at their home Thursday evening.

One of our popular young men has been meeting that late Rock Island train every Sunday. After meeting the train last Sunday night and was taking his lady friend out in the country, their buggy appeared to be higher on one side than on the other, and the lady friend kept shoving to the lower side. The young man did not find out what the trouble was until Monday morning when he was going thru town after a 15-mile drive. Someone told him what made all the confusion. We wish him better luck next time he makes the trip.