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Looking back: Rosemount girls found 10 miles from home in 1963

50 years ago

From the Dec. 12, 1963 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Santa makes pre-Christmas visit to business districts

Santa, as he is affectionately known, will be in Farmington Saturday, Dec. 14, at the Lyric Theater.

For the children in the city limit, a free movie will be presented at 10 a.m. For children residing outside the village limits, a second presentation will be held at 2 p.m.

Santa will be around for both showings, the Commercial Club said, and will have a treat for the children at the conclusion of the program.

In Rosemount, Santa will arrive in high style in a fire truck at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14 at the high school. The Rosemount businessmen’s association is bringing Santa in, and will have movies at the high school for the children.

Of course Santa will be there with Christmas stockings full of goodies for the children after the program....

Legion to pack Christmas boxes for the needy

The Farmington American Legion again this year is packing Christmas boxes for needy families in the area.

Edna Staggs, president of the Legion auxiliary, urged that donations be made again this year for this worthwhile cause.

Donations can be brought to Kulstad’s store, and a container will be placed in the Legion Club rooms for cash donations.

The money will be used to purchase food items not donated.

If anyone knows of any needy family, please contact Commander James Deegan of the Farmington Legion post....

Girl appears 10 miles from Rosemount home

Cynthia Duff, seven-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Duff of Rosemount, caused quite a stir in town Thursday evening.

Cynthia’s mother and grandmother had gone shopping and asked Cynthia to go to the neighbors, the Kellers, when she came home from school at 3:20, and wait there until her two teenage sisters arrived home about 4.

When the girls arrived, they called for Cyndy at the Kellers and found she had not arrived....

Since it was getting dark, they all feared the worst, but at 5:15 a call came to the Duff home for Paula, Cyndy’s 15-year-old sister, and it was a Mr. Bob Clark from Country Place out in Burnsville.

Mr. Clark asked if the Duffs were going to pick up a little girl by the name of Cynthia Duff who had come out on bus 17 with classmates to attend a Brownie meeting, and being a new Brownie, plus heeding the urging of a little friend, Cyndy went along.

Local group is suing president, U.S. and banks

The Constitutional Action Group will hold a public meeting at the 4-H annex on the fairgrounds in Farmington, Sunday, Dec. 15 at 2:30 p.m., according to an advertisement in this week’s Tribune.

The group, headed by Adolph Ruud, Dakota County chairman, is suing the President of the United States, the United States, and the Secretary of the Treasurer Douglas Dillion to stop them from paying interest on the various types of U.S. bonds and securities.

The group is also suing a number of Twin City banks for what they term “unconditionally usurping the power of Congress to coin money and regulate the value thereof .”

75 years ago

From the Dec. 16, 1938 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

New industry opens Monday

The Farmington Dairy, a new pasteurization plant, is opening in Farmington, Monday, Dec. 19, in the new building built by M.C. Campion just north of his filling station on Third Street. This new industry will be owned and operated by Joseph Brost who recently moved here with his wife, the former Philomen McGinn. They reside in the Kuchera house on the West side.

The new dairy will handle pasteurized milk, cream, butter and cottage cheese. To serve the public efficiently, the latest and most modern equipment has been installed. Visitors are welcome on the opening day or at any time.

Watch your butter wrappers

All people that buy butter from any of the stores in Farmington or from the Twin City Milk Producers Association should carefully check each pound of butter purchased to determine whether or not it contains one of the wrappers with the slogan, “Butter Makes Good Food Better —- Use More of It” and a list of names of the members of the Farmington Commercial Club.

Any pound purchased with this special wrapper around it will entitle the buyer to a free pound of butter.

New garage firm in Farmington

Lloyd McKay and Francis Mohn have opened a service garage in the Ed Schulz station on the west side, formerly occupied by the Peterson brothers. They will sell Pontiac, Dodge and Plymouth cars.

Mr. Mohn, who has recently been at Pipestone and formerly a Pontiac salesman here, will have charge of the sales and Lloyd McKay will have charge of the service department.

Rosemount makes improvements

One of the most beautiful homes built this year, was erected by M.J. Ryan in Rosemount. It is located west of St. Joseph’s Catholic church. The structure is a two-story, nine room, modern frame house with all the latest conveniences installed. Rosemount can well be proud of this new residence.

J.H. McFadden, Rosemount mail carrier, has remodeled two old houses in Rosemount and made modern and new structures of both, making an attractive improvement in the village.

Rosemount News

Dewey Lewellen and family have moved into the Hyland property recently vacated by Mrs. Voigt. Mr. Lewellen has a position with the Northern Natural Gas Co., in the maintenance division….

Will Hagemeister has installed a new electric counter-refrigerator at his meat market to take the place of the old one which has been in use for a number of years.

L.N. Gephart and Carl Krause of Lakeville were in town Tuesday posting bills and advertising a festival to be held in St. Michael’s church basement next Sunday.

100 years ago

From the Dec. 12, 1913 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

What to eat and how to cook it

Beginning at 2 p.m. next Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 16 in the Farmington City Hall, and continuing the rest of the week, Mrs. Margaret B. Baker of the extension bureau of the University of Minnesota will give a course of lectures and demonstrations upon, Home Economics.

This course has been arranged for the benefit of all the ladies in this part of Dakota County, and as the charge for admission has been placed at the ridiculously low sum of 50 cents for the course or 10 cents each lecture, there should be a large attendance.

Rosemount and Wescott visitors can come down on the noon train which arrives here at 12:35 and can leave for home at 5:30 p.m....

They can do their Christmas shopping in the morning, attend the lectures in the afternoon and go home happy at 4:45 p.m....

A charge for admission is made to comply with the rules of the university and is placed so low that no one need complain and whatever cash is taken in is to be used to defray the local expenses of the work....

Bishop McElwain coming

Rt. Rev. Frank A. McElwain, bishop of the Episcopal church of Minneapolis, will hold services in Farmington next Sunday evening at the Church of the Advent. Since his last visitation, the Triemial Council of the American Church has been held and Bishop McElwain will tell something of what was done that meeting. Services with sermon at 7:30 p.m. All welcome.

Rosemount News

Peter Heinen was a Twin City visitor Tuesday.

Florence Gilman was a St. Paul visitor Monday.

Mrs. Michael Mullery and son John spent Saturday in St. Paul.

Mrs. Cahill and son Patrick spent Sunday with relatives in St. Paul.

James Kearns who has been for the past few years traveling in Canada is spending this month at his home here.