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Looking back: Rosemount businessmen held a spring auction 50 years ago

50 years ago

From the April 23, 1964 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Rosemount’s spring picnic auction, April 25

Rosemount businessmen have joined in the Legion’s effort for a “Spring Panic” auction to be held Saturday, April 25, at Rosemount Legion grounds.

Anything which is donated will be sold at auction. Four cars and possibly one tractor are already on the schedule. There will be the usual household items, garden tools, farm tools, etc.

Another item of interest to be sold will be an old-fashioned dictaphone set, which really works, according to Don Duea, chairman of the auction committee.

Earl Krueger is new Rosemount postman

New postman in Lebanon Township for the Rosemount postal department is Earl Krueger, 42. Krueger took over the route recently, which runs along Highway 42 to Apple Valley throughout the Valley around and back toward Rosemount. Krueger said he had about 360 stops in Apple Valley this year, and that the post office expects the number to double by next year. Krueger is originally from South St. Paul and has been living in Rosemount for about 7 years.

Ervin Peine buys Nelson plumbing firm

Ervin Peine of Vermillion has purchased the Ken Nelson Plumbing and Heating Company at Farmington, according to an ad this issue.

The service will now be known as Peine’s Town’s Edge Heating and Plumbing with the warehouse at Town’s Edge. The office, however, will be in Peine’s home in Vermillion.

Peine, who has been with Nelson for about a year, will have Al Artwohl as an employee. Artwohl has about five years’ experience.

The company will specialize in hot water heat and will also do forced air heat.

Auxiliary unit formed for new Sanford Hospital

A group of women representing the areas which the new Sanford Memorial Hospital will serve, met with Hospital Administrator Reuben Tangen to discuss the purposes of a hospital auxiliary and to see if such a group would be feasible.

Mrs. Owen Pool, Mrs. Jerome Killian, Mrs. Sylvester Steen, Mrs. Bruce Duff, Mrs. Burton Clark and Mrs. Donald Gerlach, were chosen to represent their respective areas in the formulative meeting.

Administrator Tangen reviewed the plans for the new hospital and outlined the areas in which the auxiliary could serve. It was decided that such a group was needed at the new facilities and that sufficient interest existed to form a hospital auxiliary.

75 years ago

From the April 28, 1939 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Fairgrounds annexation is withdrawn here

Members of the Dakota County fair board withdrew their petition asking that the fairgrounds be annexed to the village of Farmington Monday night at a special meeting of the local village board.

When beer was voted out of Castle Rock Township which includes the fairgrounds the board sought to be annexed to Farmington, but the petition was withdrawn when it was evident that sentiment was against the proposition.

County stock men organize

The Dakota County Livestock Breeders’ Association was organized and articles and by-laws drawn up for the organization at a meeting held in the Hastings State Hospital auditorium last week April 20. Emmet Carrol, Rosemount, was elected president of the association; M.O. Johnson, Lakeville, vice president; Harry Felt, Hastings, secretary-treasurer. Four additional directors were elected on the board, Lyle Bogue, Farmington, Gasper Peterson, Northfield, Frank Astroth, So. St. Paul and Grover Kraft, Farmington....

Emmet Carrol, the president, will appoint three committees soon, one to promote livestock and poultry shows, one to check on the type of herd sires that are being used on farms, and one to work out a plan to make it more convenient for farmers to find purebred boars and rams for use on their farms.

Firemen to get new equipment

Chief John Turek’s smoke eaters met at the city hall Monday night and transacted business which included the ordering of 15 new rubber coats and as many pair of boots, permission being granted by the village council who pays the bill. Quite a few of the boys have had this equipment several years.

R.G. Shirley acted as secretary in place of the regular officer....

Three white rubber coats were requested; these will be worn by the fire chief and the first and second assistant chiefs.

It was voted to make improvements on the fire trucks. There are 38 active and inactive members of the local fire company, all volunteers.

Adolph Moeller, Rosemount, fetes 70th birthday

About 35 friends and relatives gathered at the home of Adolph Moeller Wednesday evening, April 19, to help him celebrate his 70th birthday anniversary.

During the evening a technicolor moving picture was featured which showed pictures of Mr. Moeller’s travels through the different states on his way to Texas. Everyone has got a very vivid picture of Mr. Moeller’s winter home and his thriving fruit orchards at Weslaco, Texas.

100 years ago

From the April 24, 1914 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Farmington is dry territory

Judge Johnson of Red Wing, before whom the Farmington election contest was heard on Monday of last week, gave his decision on Monday and as a result the three saloons doing business at this place closed their doors the same evening.

The vote stood 152 for saloons to 154 against, the two ballots folded together and the one scratched being thrown out. This puts Farmington in dry territory and it is now unlawful to sell intoxicating liquors within the incorporated limits....

The long drawn out fight between the wets and drys is now at an end — or should be — and let us keep it that way. As is usual in such fights more or less enmity arises and as a result all classes of business suffer. The handling of intoxicating liquors for human consumption is wrong — morally, physically and otherwise.

Science teaches us that it should not be taken into the system; it is taught from every pulpit, every fairminded writer and the better judgment of every person, regardless of whether they use the stuff or not, it is wrong. Ask any old boozer for his opinion of alcohol on the system and he will tell you and you will never find one that will smile when he tells it.

Rosemount News

Peter E. Heinen was a St. Paul visitor Saturday.

Francis Devitt of St. Paul called on friends here last week.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Giger — a girl. Congratulations.

J.B. Farrell moved from the Hogan home into the Frank Kane house last week.

Peter Heinen set up a new underground gasoline tank in front of his harness shop last week.

Quite a number of young men of here attended the play given by the Player’s Club at Farmington Friday evening.

One of our young men who attended the play in Farmington Friday night lost his way home thinking he was on the road to Rosemount and instead he was going up the H & D Railroad. He had gone about a mile up the track when he noticed he was on the wrong road. He seems to be very proud of it. He says it isn’t everybody who can drive an automobile along a railroad track.