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Looking back: RHS Blue ‘N’ Gold newspaper took national honors 50 years ago this week

50 years ago

From the April 9, 1964 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

New hospital board members elected at meet

The membership of Sanford Hospital, Inc., held their annual meeting in the Farmington grade school cafeteria, Monday at 8 p.m....

Ballots were distributed and the following members were elected to the four vacancies: William Curry, Dale Smith and Arnold Kruse, all incumbents, and Gordon Sayers of Empire, a new member.

The Board of Directors held their re-organization meeting directly after the membership meeting and the following officers were re-elected: Harlowe Johnson, chairman; Dale Smith, vice chairman; Lyle Bung, treasurer, and Gerald Kalina, secretary.

Additional members of the board are Christ Nelson, Leo Aronson, Edwin Doyle, George Sauber, and Joseph Bergstrom. In addition, the board has two ex-officio members, Jerome Akin, board of county commissioners, and Elwood Gilbertson, building fund chairman.

Dr. M. Hunter is the chief-of-staff and Reuben Tangen, administrator.

Rosemount is baseball favorite in Missota

The Rosemount Irish baseball team coached by Bill Lubbesmeyer last year won the conference baseball championship with nine wins and one loss. The coaches in the conference again consider them as the favorite in 1964.

Although last spring the Irish graduated five seniors they still have four remaining starting lettermen – two seniors and two juniors; senior Larry Mann, an infielder, junior Fred Fryar, a catcher, and junior John Mullery an infielder.

Some of the prospects among non-lettermen include the following: seniors, Gordy Bohn, Don Crow and Bob Wilson; juniors, Russ Rechtzigel, Mike O’Rourke, Jim Storland, Dennis Groth & Roger Rasmussen; sophomores, Ken Atwood, Jack Gores, John Pinec and Charles Ketcham….

The other darkhorse is Farmington who placed fifth last year in the conference with three wins and seven losses. The Tigers are coached by Ed Mergens. They have eight returning lettermen; senior third baseman Steve Empey, senior first baseman Larry Christensen, senior second baseman Bill Frame, senior outfielder Randy Julian, junior shortstop Tim Garvey, junior catcher Bruce Bernu, junior outfielder Jay Becker and sophomore outfielder Dennis Pilger. Bright prospects among non-lettermen are: juniors Max Hennen and Bill Briesacher and Lloyd Roberts, Larry Bell and Don Thompson. If Farmington can find a pitcher, they could be right up there fighting for the championship.


Blue ‘N’ Gold takes first in national high school press competition

The Rosemount Blu ‘N’ Gold, the high school’s student newspaper, took first place in a national competition this year.

This award is just another laural for the paper since they began entering competition in 1959. They have taken four second places and two first places in national competitions and four firsts and a second in international competition.

The present staff of about 20 members, including five editors, print eight issues during the nine-month school year, Mary Dobmeier, editor-in-chief said....

The paper is printed by offset method and the evenings before the Blue ‘N’ Gold goes to press are late ones....

The staff is almost 100 percent journalism trained, said Miss Lawler, who has been the advisor for the past four years.

75 years ago

From the April 14, 1939 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Box car side swipes another; overturns here

A box car going north on the main line sideswiped an extra freight, causing the box car to leave the tracks and tip over to its side near the Lampert (Hennessy) coal sheds at 5:10 p.m. Friday morning of last week.

One end of the overturned car prevented the trains from passing on the main line, necessitating the use of the Mankato line while passing through here.

A wrecker came from South Minneapolis shortly before noon and had the wrecked car on its feet within an hour. Damage to the car was estimated at $35. The car was half full of merchandise.

Move on to mark names of village streets

There is another move on to mark the names of the streets of Farmington with some sort of marker by the Community Club of this village. At the February meeting of the club, Mrs. R. F. Nelson, president, appointed Mrs. G.R. Day, Mrs. Emmet Carey and Mrs. C.F. Johnson as a committee to meet with the village council and present the matter.

Because of various other measures previously before the council, the street marketing proposition has been deferred and will be taken under consideration in the near future.

Rosemount News

Joseph Ruhr returned to his studies at the state U, after spending a 10-day vacation with his parents.

Miss Jean Bernier of St. Teresa College, Winona, spent the Easter vacation at home.

Ray Langenfeldt has gone to Mahtawa for a visit with his parents.

On Sunday Mrs. Agnes Ryan and Mr. and Mrs. Kolda drove to Glencoe to see Jimmie Ryan who is staying at his aunt’s, Mrs. H. Peters. He has been having a light attack of the measles.

The Vagabond Kids will entertain at the Shamrock Bar, Saturday night, April 15.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Blomgren and family, Mr. and Mrs. Christie Ratzlaff and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gerhart and family and Miss McCarthy and Mrs. Bellos were Sunday visitors and supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Hagemeister.

John Pershing Barger of this city has signed up for third baseman for the team at Crookston for this season.

100 years ago

From the April 10, 1914 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Dakota County to shovel dirt

Surveyors are now at work on the newly-established state road between Farmington and Lakeville and County Auditor Hoffman informs us $3,000 will be spent upon the road this year....

Commissioner Gergen has $4,000 to spend on road in Rosemount, Empire, Vermillion Ninninger and Commissioner Kelly has a similar amount to spend in Greenvale and Lakeville. He says that five miles of the Capital National highway at Wescott will be put under patrol.

The commissioners are usually at their best judgment in road making and much of the construction is in the experimental stage, therefore they ask the people to be patient and not criticize too much and they assure us that in due time all will be made right.

According to the new law, no township can do road work to the amount of $200 without the supervision of the district engineer and jobs of $500 or over plans and specification must be made by the district engineer….

Election contest postponed

The suit filed by the Rev. W.A. Hanscom for a recount of the ballots cast at the recent election as to whether or not license should be granted for the sale of intoxicating liquors came up for hearing before Judge Johnson at Hastings Monday. The defense, after putting in several hours trying to have the case thrown out of court on the grounds of technicalities in the service of papers, was ordered to get ready for trial as the case must be heard. The defense made a motion for postponement until the 16, which was granted.

Rosemount News

Hubert Geraghty of St. Paul is home on his vacation.

Agnes and Elizabeth Kearns were Farmington visitors one day last week.

A bright baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hardy last week.

Francis Gibson who has been attending St. Thomas college is home on a week’s vacation.

The Five Hundred Club was entertained Sunday evening by Michael Hogan, Patrick Cahill and John Stelter at the Edward McLafferty home.