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Looking back: Man, tangled in flagpole, hung by heels at RHS in 1964

50 years ago

From the May 21, 1964 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Dairy princess crowned

Dairy Princess Joyce Cummings and her two attendants were picked last Thursday evening at the Kon Tiki Club, Orchard Gardens. They are: Jeanne Fink, 17, Northfield; Princess Joyce Cummings, 18, Farmington; Donna Carroll, 17, Rosemount. Three girls will represent Dakota County at the June 13 regional contest to be held in Stillwater. Each regional contestant competes for the state crown. Joyce is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cummings, and is co-valedictorian of her senior class at Farmington.

Hangs by heels for half hour from pole top

A 54-year-old St. Paul man, painting the flag pole at Rosemount High School, slipped through his swing chair at the top of the pole and hung by his heels about 55 feet over the ground for nearly one-half hour last Friday.

C.C. “Pappy” Combs, 54, a freelance painter, had gone up the pole and about 11:30 began to paint when the accident occurred.

Students and teachers watching from the windows saw him slip backwards through the chair. Combs’ crew on the ground noticed the accident about the same time and sheriff’s office was called....

Meanwhile, students spilled out onto the school grounds watching as Pappy hung precariously from his swing chair, 55 feet above the heads. He apparently had leaned backwards to reach the ball on the top of the pole, slipped off the swing backwards with his feet catching on the ropes.

The trampoline from the athletic department was brought out and put beneath the pole. Tumbling mats were set on the trampoline frame to pad them. The Rosemount fire department stood by to administer first aid if they were needed....

Vern Marcell and Carl Wicklund from the Farmington NSP office were in the bucket truck. Wicklund climbed into the bucket and Marcell raised it in what seemed like agonizing slowness.

The truck was backed up into the position with the bucket directly below Combs. Wicklund guided Combs into the basket, a difficult task because the bucket just reached Combs’ head.

An audible sigh of relief escaped from the watching crowd as the bucket started down.

Most incumbents returned in heavy school voting

In heavy voting in area school board elections most incumbents were returned for another term....


Incumbent Dean Empey was re-elected for a three-year term with 551 votes, as was incumbent Richard Beyer with 348 votes. Also in the running was Harry C. Ross, receiving 260 votes and Eugene “Babe” Kuchera with 167 votes. A total of 726 ballots were cast.


Re-elected for three-year terms, beginning July 1, were H.C. Crow (I) receiving 409 votes, and Arthur J. Volkert re-elected with 352 votes.

Jerome Degenaar received 216 votes, Dale Beasley, 134, Leigh Jones, 117, George Booth, 79, and Joseph Licata, 66.

A total of 705 voters cast ballots which was an average vote.

75 years ago

From the May 26, 1939 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

95 seniors to be graduated

Four schools in this community will graduate 95 seniors next week, this is 21 more than were graduated last year. Farmington has 47, Lakeville has 19, Rosemount has 17 and Randolph has 12.

Farmington High School will graduate 47 seniors at commencement exercises, Thursday evening, June 1, in the high school auditorium at 8:00 o’clock. The Rev. Donald Henning, rector of Christ Church Parish. (Episcopal) of St. Paul, will deliver the commencement address.

The Rev. Frank Wilson of the Farmington Methodist Church will preach the baccalaureate sermon, Sunday evening, May 28, in the local high school auditorium and the Rev. R.R. Werner will give the invocation and benediction.

Rosemount will graduate 17

With an increased number in the senior class this year, the Rosemount High School will graduate 17 seniors at commencement exercises, Wednesday evening, May 31, in the high school auditorium at 8:30 p.m. The commencement speaker this year will be Dr. Bernhard Christensen, president of Augsburg College, Minneapolis. There will be no baccalaureate service.

Anne Holz is the valedictorian of this year’s class, and Raymond Nygren is the salutatorian. This class has the very unusual high average of 87, Supt. O’Brien announced.

Memorial rites in this vicinity

Memorial Day services will be fittingly observed in this community, Sunday and on Tuesday, May 30. Plans have been made in Farmington, Lakeville, Rosemount and Castle Rock by the patriotic organizations and school students.

Services in the Farmington cemeteries, Corinthian and St. Michael’s will be held Tuesday, May 30, under the auspices of the American Legion, the Legion Auxiliary and Chas. Van Campen Relief Corps. Cars will start from the city hall at 9:00 a.m. carrying children and all those who wish to attend the Memorial rites.

Pupils from the first six grades will decorate soldiers’ graves. There are 39 Civil War veterans’ graves, six World War veteran graves and two Spanish-American veteran graves in the Farmington cemeteries.

The procession at the cemetery will be led by the American Legion and they will end at the little green mound where flowers are placed on the Unknown Soldier’s grave, and in honor of the boys who “sleep” in France.

Blank cartridge lodged in boy’s nose retrieved

Sniffing a blank cartridge up his nose was no fun for Wesley Rolfing, four-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rolfing, Thursday of last week.

When the blank .22 cartridge failed to show up after it went up his nose, Wesley, like a good boy, ran to his mother and told everything.

When his nose started to swell, his mother rushed him to Dr. G.F. Walter who fished the metal object from the nasal passageway in half an hour.

Rosemount Legion to hold services Tuesday

The American Legion Post of Rosemount will hold Memorial Day exercises, Tuesday morning, May 30. Starting at the Legion Hall at 9:00 o’clock, they will march to the church grounds where the flag raising will take place.

Harold LeVander of South St. Paul will be the principal speaker of the day and then the Legion will visit the following cemeteries to decorate graves: St. Joseph’s, Lebanon, Highland, and St. John’s at Rich Valley.

Music will be furnished by the Rosemount High School band and the Rosemount Legion invites the public to attend and take part.

100 years ago

From the May 22, 1914 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Memorial Day

Memorial Day will be observed in Farmington by decorating the graves of soldiers in Corinthian Cemetery in the morning. Members of Canby Post No. 21, W.R. C. will meet at the city hall at 9 a.m. and proceed from there to the cemetery where the graves will be decorated with the usual ceremony. All sons and daughters of veterans, all school children and everyone who desires to participate in this beautiful custom of honoring our soldiers dead are invited to go with us....

Candy Post G.A.R. and Canby Corps. W.R. C. will meet at I.O.O. F. Hall at 10 a.m. Sunday, May 24, and march to the Methodist church for memorial services.

For state senator

C.B. Whittier, who has filed for senator, is too well known here to need any introduction having lived in Farmington all his life. He has been in the lumber business with his uncle E.L. Brackett for over 20 years and is as well known thru the county as in town. Mr. Whittier has twice held the office of mayor of Farmington and is at present chief of the fire department and has always been identified with every movement for the welfare of his hometown. Mr. Whittier has always stood as a man of sterling character, perfectly trustworthy in any position under any circumstances and in voting for him the people of the state will know what they’re getting.