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Looking back: Geraghty retired from 40 years on the Rosemount village board in ‘64

50 years ago

From the March 26, 1964 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Trinity pastor in “farewell”

Pastor Robert Rediehs of Trinity Lutheran Church, Farmington, will deliver his farewell sermon Easter Sunday.

The Reverend Rediehs has asked to be relieved of his duties here at Trinity that he might complete his studies for his doctorate. He and his family will reside in the Twin City area. The Rev. Rediehs came to Farmington Feb. 17, 1963, as the first resident pastor of Trinity. He is a native of Hinsdale, Ill.

H.J. Geraghty resigns 40-year treasurer post

On Tuesday, March 17, Hubert Geraghty was presented by Mayor Ward with a wall plaque given to him by the Rosemount village council for his continued service over 40 years as village treasurer.

He filled the unexpired term of his father over 40 years ago and was faithful to the office until the last election when he declined to run.

The community extends their thanks along with the village council to Mr. Geraghty for a job always well done.

Jim Reisinger starts excavating business here

Jim Resinger of Farmington, who was employed as an excavator for seven years with Felix Tilges of Lakeville, has started his own business to be known as “Reisinger Excavating,” effective Friday of last week.

He will do excavating, grading, and provide black dirt, fill, sand and gravel....

Resinger has purchased a new 955 Traxcavator caterpillar, and will have a truck and trailer. He will operate out of his home which is on County 31, half a mile north of Highway 50 near Farmington.

Mrs. Jacobson nominated Asst. Sec. Agriculture

Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman today said the White House has announced the President’s nomination of Mrs. Dorothy H. Jacobson to be assistant secretary of Agriculture for International Affairs. She is formerly from Rosemount and well known.

Mrs. Jacobson, who has served as an assistant to the Secretary of Agriculture since 1961, will succeed Dr. Roland R. Renne, whose resignation was accepted today by the President.

The first woman to serve on a Secretary of Agriculture’s staff, Mrs. Jacobson as an assistant secretary would hold the highest rank of any woman in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s history of more than 100 years.

Al Gorvin hits 278, Rosemount

Al Gorvin, Rosemount, bowled a 278 in a 666 series of three games Thursday night at the Satellite Lanes, Rosemount.

Gorvin, a 176-average bowler had five straight strikes, and then spared the 6-10, continuing the rest of the game with strikes. Bowling with Strese Pure Oil, Gorvin came within one strike of a perfect game, according to Jack Satriano, owner of the Satellite.

75 years ago

From the March 31, 1939 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Local scouts given honors

Before a crowd of over 200 interested persons, a boy scout court of honor, tenderfoot investitures and rededication pageant were put on by the local troop, in the high school auditorium, Tuesday evening under the direction of Harlowe Johnson, scoutmaster.

Those who are invested with the tenderfoot badge or officially taken into the scouts were: Bud Gannon, Gordon Fillinger, James Ahern, Gene Stevens, Clifford Peterson, Richard Topp and Dale Schmidtke....

The highest rank given by the local troop is the star badge which was given to three scouts, Ronald Heinen, Allan Carlson and Gordon Vale.

The following were given first class honors: Melvin Danielson, Wendell Johnson, Warren Kadas, William McCluskey, Jack Whitcomb and Charles Siebold. Those given the second class rank were: Cyril Schweich, Cyril Pepara and Paul Cross of Lakeville, and also Howard Cook and James Gannon of Farmington.

Rosemount News

The family of Emil Bohlman of Hugo stopped off a couple of days this week for a visit at the John Bartelt home while on their way to their new home at Taopi, Iowa.

Hubert Geraghty is having the second story of the Gearhart building remodeled and made into offices and living apartments. There will be two five-room apartments, one room and kitchen apartment and four office suites. It will be all modern. E. J. McDonald and crew of carpenters are doing the work.

L.O. Bernier was at his desk Wednesday morning for the first time since his operation. We heard two or three say the old town didn’t look natural while Louie was gone.

Joseph Ruhr is home this week from the state U enjoying the Easter vacation.

Ralph Gilman is confined to the house with the flu.

A surprise birthday party was given in honor of Mildred Rahn, Tuesday evening. Those present were: Lucy Linkert, Reinhard Linkert, Clifford Carlson, Awald Grieger, Esther Linkert, Eddie Linkert, Carl Dahlberg, Violet Grieger, Alma Berg, Christine Linkert, Dorothy Bartelt, Ludwig Linkert, Lucille Berg, Clara Dahlberg and Mrs. F. Schwanz.

100 years ago

From the March 27, 1914 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

St. Michael’s new church

The new church of St. Michael’s that has just been completed this fall brings to mind the old days when the Farmington Catholic Church was but a mission taken care of by Father Hurley of Rosemount, away back in 1880....

Excavations for the new church were begun in October of 1912, the foundation stone being laid in May 1912 by Bishop Lawler of St. Paul.

The construction work was done by the J&B Nelson Construction Co. of Mankato. R.J. Donohue of St. Paul was the architect.

The building as it stands today is a splendid addition to the public buildings of Farmington, being symmetrical and pleasing to the eye on the outside and artistically complete as to interior finish and represents an investment of about $30,000. It is built of vitrified brick and with stained glass windows represents events in the life of the Lord and were donated by members of the parish.

The window representing Christ the High Priest is a memorial to Father Hagan, the first pastor of the old days to cross “The Great Divide.” All the splendid art windows were furnished by the Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.

The pews are of fumed oak, severely plain in design, yet rich in beauty and were donated to the church by the Rosary and Altar Society, the work being that of the Minneapolis Office and School Fixture Co.

A county wide movement

Word has been circulated about that the Dakota County Improvement Club is a Farmington affair. As a matter of fairness to the club we wish to state that this statement is incorrect. It is a county movement for county wide benefit and the reason that the coming meeting is to be held at Farmington is that Farmington being centrally located and easily reached by train it was thought best to call the first meeting here.

After the club is organized by the members, they will then designate the place where the agent will live and where the headquarters will be located. So please bear in mind that the Dakota County Improvement Club is not a Farmington movement but a county wide one and one that all Dakota should take part in.