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Looking back: Derner was named new ASCS in Farmington 50 years ago

50 years ago

From the Aug. 13, 1964 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

1,000 head of livestock compete for premiums

All exhibit space has been taken at the Dakota County Free Fair that starts on Wednesday, Aug. 12, and continues through Sunday, Aug. 16. Approximately 1,000 head of livestock will be competing for premiums in the 4-H and open class divisions....

4-H agricultural demonstrations, either individuals or teams, will be given on Saturday, starting at 9 a.m. in the 4-H building annex.

Weekend features at the fair include the style show and fireworks on Friday evening. Children’s rides, 10 cents on all units with exception of whirly bird, Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

School addition OK’d 493 to 295

Farmington School District voters OK’d the $575,000 bond issue for a 14-classroom addition to the present elementary school Tuesday by 493 “yes” to 295 “no.”

There were two spoiled ballots.

However, the issue for an additional $50,000 for a future site was defeated 505 “no” to 279 “yes.” There were six spoiled ballots on this issue.

The school board met immediately after the vote was counted, and will now call meetings as soon as possible with the fiscal agent, to determine the sale of bonds. The board hopes these details will be settled soon….

The project will be a 14-classroom building with an auxiliary room, also an addition to the hot lunch room in elementary and addition to the high school for a separate cafeteria.

New manager at ASCS office in Farmington

The new manager of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation service (ASCS) in Farmington is Anthony Derner, Cokato, Minnesota.

Derner applied for office manager training last spring, and has been working for ASCS county offices around the state and in the state office. He has worked in at least eight different county offices since April, he said.

Derner, Andy as he prefers to he called, will be coordinator for the various ASCS farm programs in the office and has the dubious distinction of presiding over about 100 different forms....

He was married in 1955, and he and his wife Marion have four children, Kathryn, 8, Marie, 7, Gregory, 6, and Lisa, 5.

He is presently renting a 240-acre farm in Cokato, Minnesota with 140 acres under plow. He spends the week in Farmington and the weekend in Cokato. He plans to move to this area when the crops are in.

Veterinary hospital has owner change

A landmark for suburban pet owners and livestock and dairymen in the Rosemount area changes hands this week when Dr. Clarence Fitz, recently of Washington, D.C., becomes the new owner and resident veterinarian at the Anderson Veterinary Hospital, Highway No. 3, Rosemount, Minnesota.

The announcement was made jointly by Dr. Weasley D. Anderson, founder of the hospital and Dr. Fitz, who has purchased all facilities and will take immediate possession. The switch over has been planned in close detail so there will be very little interruption in the day to day needs of current clients....

Dr. Wesley Anderson who founded the hospital in 1960 and whose practice also covered the range of domestic pets and large animals has been appointed to a position on the staff of the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota. He will be in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy and will teach courses in Anatomy and Surgical Anatomy.

Dr. Anderson has been active in civic projects, public school activities, the Rosemount Lion’s Club and the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Assn. He served as the 1962 chairman of the public relations committee of the latter group. He is currently president-elect of the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Alumni Association.

75 years ago

From the Aug. 18, 1939 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Farmington team wins “Cannon title”

Farmington completed their schedule of games by routing the Eidsvold team on their diamond in last Sunday’s game. It was a loosely played contest with many errors committed by both teams and the locals turned on the batting power to belt out a total of 18 hits to score 23 runs.

Eidsvold used Wood, Iverson and Voegel on the mound in a vain attempt to stop the Tigers, while John Marrinan allowed the Eidsvold boys 10 scattered hits.

The local club remained the sole possessor of the top place in the league standings and have won nine consecutive games with only two losses for the league season....

By winning the 1939 Cannon Valley league pennant, it was decided by the league board to send the local club to the region tournament which will be staged at Pine Island.

Mrs. L. Rowell finds old paper

Having an occasion to open a wall in her home recently, Mrs. Loren Rowell found two old papers. “The Gleaner” published at Farmington July 1, 1870 and a Pittsburgh newspaper published Feb. 7, 1870. The latter is so ragged that very little information can be obtained.

The Gleaner is a small newspaper 7” x 11” with eight pages, only four of which were found. This issues was Vol. 1, No. 3, which shows it was only the third issue. The front page contained two local news, only a foreign article and two ads for Thurston’s Drugstore and Mrs. F.D. Webster’s Millinery store....

Another ad on Page 2 for Thurston, read thus, “All persons indebted to me and requested to pay as soon after harvest as possible, especially those who run a large bill, and then spent their cash elsewhere; these need not expect any favors” signed John H. Thurston.

On this same page a notice was made the “Farmington Press” would soon be issued, a sufficient advertising and subscription list could be obtained.

Rosemount News

Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Studer and Mrs. Will Rippberger motored to Iowa Saturday, to be present at the Studer reunion which was held at Goldfield, Iowa, Sunday, Aug. 13. It was an ideal day and all had a grand time. There were 167 present.

J.H. McFadden, who has been at Miller Hospital taking treatments for the past month, has returned home and will soon be able to take charge of delivering mail on route two.

While absent from home several nights ago someone pulled up to Ralph Gilman’s woodpile and loaded up about two cords of dry wood and drove away with it.

Theodore Schwanz has connected up with the REA and is now enjoying the luxuries of the city dweller.

Larry Evans came down from the CCC camp near Duluth and spent last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Evans.

100 years ago

From the Aug. 14, 1914 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

This English Evangelical church organized

The first service of the English Evangelical Lutheran Church now being organized was held Sunday morning in the Danish Lutheran church. A large and appreciative congregation was present, filling almost all the pews and entering with spirit into the beautiful responsive service which was led by a choir of singers....

The result of their work will be presented to the congregation at the close of the service next Sunday. The formal organization of the congregation will also take place at that time.

All who have been brought up in the Lutheran church and have been confirmed is her teachings will welcome with joy this new congregation.

The Chautauqua at Farmington

With Monday of next week commences the Chautauqua at Farmington. We understand that the management has done its utmost to bring the best talents obtainable. It is now up to the people to appreciate the efforts of the Chautauqua management by a liberal patronage to their entertainments throughout and coming week. There are Chautauquas and Chautauquans, this promises to be the best ever.