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Looking back: Dakota County crowned its fattest man at community picnic in 1939

50 years ago

From the June 18, 1964 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Two leases are signed in Ken-Rose

Two leases have been signed as of this week for the Ken-Rose shopping center in Rosemount, according to Bill Rue, manager of Nelson Realty.

The grocery store, which will be a complete supermarket operation with all the latest equipment, has been leased to the Lucky Dollar, Minneapolis.

The ultra-modern beauty shop, barber shop, billard room and snack bar was leased to Les Palmer and Doug Mariette of Northern Barbers, Minneapolis. Palmer will operate the shop at Rosemount.

According to Rue, more leases will be signed this week.

New Methodist pastor at three area churches

The assignment of Dwight Bonham to the Methodist churches at Castle Rock, Dundas and Little Prairie was announced Sunday at the Minnesota Methodist annual conference....

The Rev. Bonhman, who comes to this area from Eolia, Missouri, is 29 years old, married and has four children. Dr. Martin stated the Rev. Bonham was a noted musician and singer and very active in youth work.

The Bonham family will arrive at their new home in Castle Rock on June 22 and he will preach his first sermon on Sunday, June 28.

Rosemount wins over Burnsville

Rosemount defeated Burnsville 7 to 0 in a Bloomington Athletic Association conference game at Valley View field. Rollie Schwanz of Rosemount pitched a no-hit game until the seventh inning when Swanson of Burnsville drilled a single to right field. In winning his first start of the season, Schwanz struck out 14, allowed one hit, and issued no walks.

Rosemount scored all of its seven runs in the fourth inning as 11 batters went to the plate. Extra base blows during the inning were hit by Mike Kelly, Tim Mardell, Rollie Schwanz and John Schiffman. Mardell turned out to be Rosemount’s leading batter with three hits.

On Saturday, June 14, veteran left-handed pitcher John Pivec of Rosemount will twirl against the Bloomington West Cowboys.

Car appears in locked building

A stolen 1957 Chevrolet in a “now you see it, now you don’t” disappearing act was found inside the locked unoccupied building of the H & N Implement Company, about one mile east of Farmington on Highway 50.

Two juvenile escapees from Red Wing stole the car and drove it to Farmington. They abandoned it here at the implement company.

The juveniles told authorities about the car but local police could not find it. Finally, one of the boys was brought to Farmington and after a short search found the car inside the locked building.

The boy said it had been parked behind the garage, not in it.

Police still do not know how the car got into the building.

75 years ago

From the June 23, 1939 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Dairy products hold spotlight

Minnie J., the queen of the Dairy World, was welcomed into Dakota County and Farmington at 10:00 a.m. Monday morning by Jerry Reihsen, president of the Farmington Commercial Club....

Four 4-H girls, Jeannette Carlson, Mary Nelson, Jane Cook and Joyce Hysell rode on the dairy float prepared by Les Hysell, manager of the T.C.M.P.A., and Floyd Johnson of the Johnson Food Store.

The milk drinking contest under the direction of Enoch Bjuge, was another feature on this program and was won by Emmet Kelly. For winning this contest he received a jar of candy which was given by the F.L. McAndrew’s Café. The milk for this contest was furnished by the Farmington Dairy....

A little dairy kit was presented by Marlys and Mary Rush, and Ann Volden in which was brought out the importance of milk, cheese and butter.

7,000 attend county picnic

An estimated crowd of approximately 7,000 people attended the Dakota County picnic held at Antler’s Park last Sunday. The weather, although threatening all day, failed to keep the crowd away and no rain fell until practically all the picnic events were over....

Kenneth Springen and his Farmington band opened the program with some pleasing music. Ralph Childs, the vice president of the Dakota County Farm Bureau, gave the address of welcome after which the attendance prizes were given out.

James Slater who is now 84 years old won two prizes. The porch chair given by the Kaercher Furniture Store at Hastings for being the oldest Dakota County resident present and the one 10-pound can of cherries for the one that has lived on the same farm the longest....

Others winning in this contest and the prizes they won were as follows: most freckled-faced boy, Leo Bryer, Rosemount; tallest man, Leonard Wall of Farmington and Bill Prehall, Jr., of Northfield tied this contest – both being 6’4” tall; tallest woman, Jane Bowe, Farmington, 5’11”; fattest man, Herman Menzhuber, Rosemount; fattest woman was a tie between Mrs. David Bennett of Farmington and Ruth Gray; youngest baby, Jackie Walsh, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh of Rosemount; man with heartiest laugh, H.L. Lawrenz, Farmington; couple married the longest, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Walsh, Rosemount; largest family with 11 children, Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Moore of Castle Rock; husband calling, Mrs. Milton, Schoning, Eureka.

Rosemount News

Albert Berg was re-elected secretary of the Unit of the National Town Officers Association recently at a meeting in the Rosemount Hotel. Mr. Berg says there were representatives from every township in the county except two.

Helyn Bartelt and “Benny” Schueler returned from Winnebago Sunday evening with Benny’s mother., Mrs. H.E. Schueler and Mr. and Mrs. Al Schueler of St. Paul. Friends of the young people will be glad to hear they are rapidly recuperating at their respective homes.

Misses Helen and Beverly Vought attended a family picnic in company of their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Warren of St. Paul at Owatonna, Sunday.

100 years ago

From the June 19, 1914 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Dedication of St. Michael Church

The beautiful new church of St. Michael was formally dedicated Tuesday, June 16. The services took place at 10 a.m. and were conducted by Bishop Lawler, assisted by twelve priests from various places....

A class of about forty were confirmed by the bishop at 3 p.m. He also delivered a splendid sermon of instruction to the class and members of the church. Each child in the class was questioned in regard to his or her religion and their correct answers showed the careful training given them by their own pastor, Father Powers.

At noon and at 6 p.m. the ladies of the parish served splendid dinners in the basement of the church to the many fortunate enough to be present, while outside the young ladies served ice cream and sodas.

All places of business were closed from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m in honor of the dedication. Many people from Northfield, Rosemount, Lakeville and other surrounding towns were present.

Rosemount News

Mrs. Gillette of Hampton spent Sunday at the Frank Gollon home.

Mr. and Mrs. Schoeder of Minneapolis spent Sunday visiting at the Corcoran home.

Mrs. Fred Swartz and sons Ralph and George were St. Paul visitors Thursday and Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Geraghty and family of St. Paul spent Tuesday visiting relatives here.

Francis Gibson returned home Thursday after finishing his course at St. Thomas college.