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Looking back: Collision in Rosemount results in minor injuries 50 years ago

50 years ago

From the Feb. 27, 1964 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Two people collide (that’s right); both injured

In the past 30 years or so there have been thousands of collisions involving vehicles.

Monday was the first time we have heard of a serious collision involving no vehicles — just two 10-year-old children.

The human crash which took place at the corner of a school building in Rosemount had the following victims:

Mike McDonough, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McDonough (Donna Sauber) of Rosemount, Mike had one tooth knocked out (which the dentist will attempt to wire back in); one tooth half broken off, one loosened and a fractured upper jaw. He was knocked momentarily unconscious.

Sharon Warweg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warweg, had a head laceration which required six stitches. The cut was caused from teeth marks from Mike....

The accident happened at the corner of St. Joseph’s parochial school about 12:30. It was split-second timing when both children were running at top speed. Mike was heading to the playground and the girl was coming around the corner.

Anderson loses finger in mill accident Monday

Robert G. Anderson, Farmington, recently went back into business with a borrowed feed grinder after his was heavily damaged in a fire on February 16.

Monday evening while Anderson was working at a farm near Coates with the borrowed grinder, he suffered the loss of most of the ring finger of his left hand.

In Sanford Hospital recuperating after the accident Anderson said the accident occurred at the Henry Fox farm near Coates as he and Dennis Jacobs of Farmington were grinding feed.

Anderson said he was trying to pull some hay from the hopper which was not feeding properly, being careful not to get close to the grinders when his hand was injured by a hay crusher, a device his own grinder does not have.

Gee’s garage back in business — building being refurbished

Gee’s Garage, Farmington, is back in business after a recent fire, even though workmen are starting to rebuild the front part of the building.

Part of the south and west walls had to be torn down and block-layers were to start rebuilding work Tuesday, but were stopped by the cold weather.

Gee and Floyd Henry, partners in the garage, have built a temporary wall across the back of the shop and are working there 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. as usual.

School Board considering other property

Farmington School Board met in a special meeting Monday afternoon to give further study to the knotty school site problem.

Without relinquishing interest in building an addition to the present elementary school building, the board renewed its consideration of acquiring property away from the present site.

The properties given most attention by the board were the Storlie and Feely properties west and south of downtown Farmington but still within the village limits.

Although numerous arguments favor building an addition to the present building the flexibility offered the future building program by placing the school on a completely new site is very important to some of the board members as it was earlier to the school citizens site committee.

An annex to the elementary building would offer 14 classrooms plus an auxiliary room but shortly after the building would be completed and additional space would be required for pupils whose names already appear on the census rolls.

75 years ago

From the March 3, 1939 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Steele furniture has new chapel

Improvements are being added at the Steele Furniture located in the F.W. Burton building near the Tribune office.

Percy Steel has added a new funeral chapel and mortuary, all nicely decorated and modern fixtures.

The chapel is located in the rooms adjoining the front sales room.

800 farmers attend dairy institute here

Over 800 farmers and their wives attended the Dairy Institute held at Farmington last Saturday. Practically all of them expressed the opinion it was one of the finest meetings they had ever attended.

The exhibits demonstrated the importance of quality milk production and methods of production.

Thirty-five women entered “Butler Cookies” in a contest which made a very fine display. The winner in this concert was Mrs. Garfield Swanson, Farmington, first prize. She received a Gamble Glass-Bake Casserole set donated by the Gamble store. Second prize went to Mrs. Arne Nelson, Farmington. She received five pounds of coffee donated by the Johnson Food store....

The moving picture showing agriculture in Europe was enjoyed by all and H. Gordine, the famous magician had the crowd in an uproar.

County streams are restocked with trout

State game wardens and Emil Kuchera of Farmington restocked streams in Dakota County with trout, thus assuring fisherman plenty of trout on which to test their angling skill in the not far distant future.

Willows were also planted along the banks to aid in lowering temperatures during the summer months....

Upwards of 150 trout averaging from one to two pounds were released in county streams recently.

Mr. Kuchera says the past two years between 35,000 and 40,000 trout, including the brown, speckled and rainbow trout have been dumped in county streams.

Rosemount News

The Rev. and Mrs. Hank attended the 40th annual banquet of the Lutheran Children’s Friend Society at Redeemer Parish Hall, St. Paul, last Monday evening.

F.A. Ruhr attended a meeting of the bankers of 12 states of the American Bankers Association at the Nicollet hotel in Minneapolis Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Schoen entertained the Five Hundred Club on Sunday evening. These winning prizes were: Mrs. Harry Scott, Fosston Beaudette and E. B. Emerson.

The snow storm on Tuesday played havoc with the highways about Rosemount and for a time traffic was tied up. Two of the school buses succeeded in delivering the children to their homes, but one, the one operating west of town, got stalled in a snowdrift near the Mrs. Margaret Daly farm, where shovelers worked for hours in shoveling it out. The children took refuge in the John Sowija home and finally returned to Rosemount where they remained for the night.

100 years ago

From the Feb. 28, 1914 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

The Local News

The Milwaukee pump house just south of the depot caught fire Tuesday noon and was badly burned before the fire was extinguished.

A lecture will be given at the Castle Rock Tabor church under the auspices of the Bible Class Friday evening March 6, for the benefit of the New West Side General Hospital of the Evangelical Association at St. Paul.

The Farmington State Bank of this city has an enlarged space in the Tribune this week calling attention to their Panama Canal contest. Handsome prizes will be awarded for the best essay on the grammar grades of the Dakota County schools. The contest ends April 1.

The Exchange Bank “Valley Forge” contest advertised in the Tribune for some time came to a close Saturday evening. The conditions were winners were to receive $10 in gold and any person under the age of 16 and a resident of Dakota County was eligible to enter the contest.

Rosemount News

William Hagemister motored to St. Paul Thursday.

Francis and Katie Divett of St. Paul attended the dance here Monday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scott returned from their honeymoon Sunday evening.

Anna Holman returned to her home in Minneapolis after a week’s visit with relatives.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the A.O. H. of Rosemount will give a card party March 17.

Annie Hyland of St. Paul spent last week at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. James Hyland here.

John Gibson of Minneapolis spent a few days of last week at the home of his brother Dennis Gibson here.

Michelle Leonard

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