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Letter: Writer supports Rob Duchscher in board election

To the editor,

As Independent School District 196 Board of Education elections draw near, I am writing to encourage parents within our school district to vote for incumbent board of education members, particularly Rob Duchscher. 

I have had the privilege to know Rob personally and professionally for over 12 years. Rob's energy, work ethic and interpersonal skills, along with his business skills in the area of finances and short- and long-term planning make him an ideal candidate to continue to serve members of the District 196 community on the BOE. 

Rob does not take his role as BOE member lightly, and works very hard to communicate with district members and to educate himself on issues within the district. ISD 196 remains a top district in the state, in part due to the hard work and dedication of current BOE members. Especially in these challenging economic times, during which we face continued unpredictable state funding, we need to have experienced BOE members with a proven track record continuing to make prudent decisions about how best to educate our students.

Rob's years of experience on the BOE and his wealth of knowledge in this role make him the best person to continue serving on the BOE.

Get out there and vote for Rob and other incumbent BOE members and ensure that our district continues to be one of the best school districts in the country.

Carrie Pederson,